Thursday, February 13, 2014

Nerdlution: The Sequel...Reflection Round Up Week #3

Third reflection blog post about Nerdlution!

#1 Unplugged for an hour a day. 
Sigh. Last week I miserably failed at the one hour thing. I've been conscious of using technology and that's a positive change. I know I haven't done well when I need to check to see what my other nerdlution is. Life certainly "got in the way" of focusing on this goal. Snow day tomorrow...I'll make up for it! 

#2 Acts of kindness.
So many to count...this makes me so happy! Last week I took the day off on Friday (the first personal day I've taken in...I can't remember how long) to prepare for the Women's Retreat. Our church sponsored a retreat this past weekend and over thirty women attended. So many opportunities to spread kindness...notes in joy jars, gifts of notebooks, special gift for the woman who organized it all, lots & lots of hugs! Kindness seeping out of me and around me! 

How Nerdlution going for you? Share your joys and successes as well as your stumbles and revisions. I can't wait to read your posts. Thank you for stopping by and please share this blog! Invite others to share their reflections in comments!

Now you...write a post at your blog. 
Remind us what your nerdlutions are & reflect on your progress. 
Leave a link to your post in the comments. 
Please comment on some blogs (at least three is a good number). 
Support is what makes nerdlution special and successful! 

Remember Chris Lehman's mantra from round one, "If it makes you happy." Katherine reminds us to be kinder to ourselves! Franki focuses on learning about herself. This is a journey...celebrate your place in the matter where you are!


  1. First of all! I hope you are feeling better. I'm headed to the doctor this PM. Blerg.

    #nerdlution-it's been slower going this week since I haven't been feeling well, but I am starting to find things to donate to fill my bags, but I cleaned out one area in our bedroom that really needed it, and it changed the whole feeling of that space. Love it!
    Also, the notes are going well. Love this.
    I didn't blog about it, because Annie and I are working on our 100th blog post. :) But other thoughts on my #nerdlution are here:
    Michelle-thanks for sharing this space with us!

  2. I am finally showing up for Nerdlution round 2 thanks to a snow day.

    Thanks for hosting Michelle.

  3. I'm trying to stick with this nerdlution thing, and it's not that difficult, actually. I'm enjoying how the word Open keeps showing up for me. Thanks for hosting the round-up. Here's my post:

  4. Still plugging along in Round 2, but seeing fewer tweets about it. Is it just my feed? Here's my nerdlutionlog:

  5. This week's been a little tricky. Here are a few #nerdlution discoveries:


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