Thursday, March 6, 2014

My Markers

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Yesterday in class, as my students were writing on their computers I took out my notebook and my markers and started to write. I was writing down a funny story that happened in class, and ideas for more blog posts, and then I started to write about how I was dealing with some issues in my life. One of my girls came up to my desk and looked at my markers. 

"WOW! That's a lot of markers," she said. I agreed. We conferenced and both returned to our writing. As students were cleaning up, a few more students were looking at the markers and marveling at the sheer number of them. I decided to share a story with them. Here's the story I told them...

Before school begins, teachers have meetings. We plan for the year ahead. At one of these meetings, I had these markers with me...

My most favorite markers! I highly recommend!
...and a teacher sitting next to me nonchalantly asked, "Can I borrow a marker?" I grimaced. Shrugged. Then shook my head. She thought I was kidding. I wasn't. I got up and got her a pen. No one could believe it. I tried to explain as best as I could. My markers are so special to me. The ones I had at the meeting were brand new and it bugs me when other people write with them. I know. I know. It's crazy and irrational...yes, I agree it is...but, I don't share MY markers. Because of that I now have
buffer markers...

Writing in my notebook makes me so happy! Using markers is a big part of that. I find I'm so particular about markers and I am on a continuous search for just the right marker. It makes my notebooks pleasant to look at and it makes me happy. I find I'm excited to write if I have just the right tools!

What writing tools must you have?


  1. Oh my goodness, we are two peas in a pod. I have the hugest(not a real word I know) stash of pens. I even had my friend from NC send me Mr Sketch markers from NC to Australia. I too am obsessed and my kiddos are impressed with my collection. I just love to see the kids in my class enjoy decorating and playing with their pens in their books. It is soooo relaxing. Great post.

  2. I have the exact same markers as you do.I don't share either! I also have my special pens that are just for me! I think you just gave me an idea about a post:)

  3. I don't have a personal marker collection; but I do have a HUGE stash of markers, beautiful and special notebooks, pens, pencils, paper (homemade, special, beautiful) and other trinkets that I could NEVER part with even when I am in a pitch it out mood! In true confessions though, I also have a stash of fabric, craft supplies and exercise equipment. Most of that is rarely used!

  4. You are too funny. I'm not that way. I always seem to be hunting down a pen. I would've been the teacher who asked to borrow a marker.
    Are you rounding up nerdlution today? I'm in today with this reflection on my one little word:

  5. I love the media you used to share your writing. And I love the creation of buffer markers. I think I need to claim markers as mine. Or create buffer markers. You made me laugh today.

  6. Hang on to those markers! Now, I have marker envy.

  7. I love your markers! Have you seen the episode of Rules of Engagement where Jeff stops hanging out with people Audrey loves because they take his food? Check it out. Hilarious!

  8. That is hilarious! I totally get it though!!!!! I can see myself doing the same thing.


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