Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Things I didn’t know when I started teaching…

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I didn’t know how important my fellow teachers would be for my professional growth, for my students, for my sanity.

I didn’t know that writing and reading with my students is a must and it must occur everyday.

I didn't know that being a reader and being a writer makes me a better teacher.

I didn’t know that technology would change the classroom, school, world as much as it has.

I didn’t know how to grow as a teacher and how important that is…to continue to grow and learn.

I didn’t know that after 19 years, I still learn. No year is the same.

I didn't know that sometimes I have to throw out the plans and punt...and those are often the best days.

I didn’t know that following the class conversation...that teachable more important than following the plans.

I didn’t know how to be organized, yet flexible enough to meet the needs of my students.

I didn't know how wise my students really are...if I listen, really listen to them...they tell me what they need. 

I didn’t know, truly know, how important my job is…years in the classroom has shown me some of my impact.

What has teaching taught you?


  1. Michelle, well said! I think back to my beginning days as a teacher, and I definitely didn't think that my students know as much as they do! Wonder is technology plays a role in how much our students know today or if I have just learned to listen to my students more?

  2. Great reflection! "I didn’t know that after 19 years, I still learn. No year is the same." This one really stood out to me- it's so true!

  3. We're thinking on the same lines, Michelle!

  4. I really enjoyed reading this! As a new/aspiring teacher, I value reading what more experienced teachers have to share and teach me. Thanks!

  5. As a technology newbie, I found out just how far behind I am in the world! Wow. My students are teaching me!

  6. I think my list would be pretty similar to yours, Michelle. I think it all boils down to relationships, doesn't it? Nurturing them and growing from them. Thanks for sharing!


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