Tuesday, April 8, 2014

This I Believe

Slice of Life Challenge
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Today I'll write my slice of life post in the form of poetry...

Some mornings, many mornings, I wake up with nothing to say. No poetry inside of me...what do I do? I look for inspiration! Today my inspiration came from two different sources: Margaret Simon and Audrey Hepburn. 

Margaret took this format and wrote her own poem...and now, so will I.

I believe that Cheerios are a must to start my day
I believe in honesty
I believe that music is a balm for the soul
I believe in silly giggles
I believe that writing will untangle my life
I believe in ordinary miracles
I believe that painting brings me peace
I believe in heaven
I believe every morning is a new chance
I believe everyone has a story
I believe my story is just beginning...

©Michelle Haseltine, 2014
All Rights Reserved

I'm so grateful for my fellow bloggers who share in my passion for poetry. Check out their blogs and their creative and amazing poems. They inspire me everyday...
JulieanneMargaretLeigh AnneMary LeeKevin and Cathy


  1. Great way to start the day! Reading your poem!

  2. I believe in you, and this is inspiring, too. "I believe in silly giggles." Thanks for crediting me. I like yours better, especially the last two lines.

  3. I love that you started with CHEERios and ended with big truths about yourself and your story! Write on!

  4. Beautiful! And I belive in you.

  5. I love how this poem grows from the specific to general truths. It is one I'd like to share with my students. Do you mind if I introduce this type of poetry to them with your examples?

  6. Kay, I am honored! Of course you may use it. I'd love to see what they write! :)

  7. I love this! I wrote one in my journal tonight. And it was a lot of fun! Thanks for sharing!

  8. Favorite line..."I believe writing will untangle my life" I do, too! :)

  9. Oh boy choosing a favorite line will be tough but I think I like "I believe every morning is a new chance." I often tell my behavior problem students this same idea. Your writing today has a little more brightness to it - I hope this is a good sign! :)

  10. Love this form -- So powerful. I'm like Leigh Anne, I can't decide which line I like best. I believe in all of those things too. What a great thing to try with my students. A chant to start each day. Thank you Michelle.

  11. Just wonderful, Michelle. I love that you were also inspired by Audrey Hepburn, and others here too, of course. I hope you share some of that painting again soon!

  12. I love this line: "I believe every morning is a new chance." Such a powerful idea, yet so easy to forget. Thanks for reminding me!

  13. What a great mentor text! I love the format and you had so many great lines. I "pinned" this to try myself and with students. "I believe in silly giggles" - I live this every day with my four year olds! "I believe writing will untangle my life" - that is just awesome. Keep writing Michelle! :)

  14. I love this format! The mixture of fun & seriousness went perfect together.

  15. A wonderful poem - filled with spirit, hope and strength. I like the humor of your opening line - cheerios.


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