Tuesday, June 24, 2014


Slice of Life Challenge
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Today I start camp. Yes, I said camp. Four days of laughing and learning together. I am a counselor. We've been planning this for weeks and it all starts today! Camp is the theme for our four days of curriculum development for middle school English. 

Twenty five teachers will gather together for four days of planning, collaborating, questioning, writing, reading and learning. Each day is lead by amazing teachers in the county who are experts at their task! 

I am the constant...the counselor. I begin and end each day with activities to get the participants to open up, have fun, and reflect! We are going to share Beautiful Words everyday. Teachers will write and share their writing. The inspiration for our writing today will be an uplifting and powerful poem from Anis Mojgani called Shake the Dust.

Here's my introduction to Beautiful Words...Take his beautiful words and make them your own. Let them inspire your own beautiful words today. Borrow a line, a phrase, or the format and create your own beautiful words...or let the experience inspire you and write your own beautiful words. I can't wait to share this poem today. I can't wait to write my own beautiful words. I started once before...
What beautiful words will come today?  Will you try? What beautiful words do you have to share?

[Penny Kittle shared this poem and the idea of beautiful words at the Language and Learning Conference. Her ideas changed and inspired me. Thank you, Penny!]


  1. Michelle, this sounds exciting! I will have to listen to the poem later and think about my words. can;t wait to hear more about your camp!

  2. As you know, just returned from All-Write, but this sounds beautiful, Michelle, such a great thing to do at the beginning of summer to inspire, & you are at the heart of it! Love "grab this world by its clothespins", & so many other lines, too. Thank you for a huge boost this am!

  3. I love this...Shake the dust. Thanks for the inspiration. Have a great week at Camp!

  4. Wow. Shake the dust. Gripped me. Shook me. Amazing words. I need to hear again and share again and again. You are the perfect counselor for your colleagues there and for us all over, through your blog. Thank you Michelle. Love this.

  5. This sounds like it will be an energizing week for all involved. I am sure many really good ideas will come from it.


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