Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Change of Pace

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One reason I love summer is the change of pace in my routine...school year routine means I'm up at 5:00 AM and on the go all day...that changes during summer. 

I still wake up early as I love the early morning hours, but my mornings look different...I can sculpt them to look however I like. This summer I have a plan. No big trips for me this year. I have some family visiting for a few days. Maybe some day trips, so this summer I'm going to get some things done. Here's my plan:

1. Everyday I will read. I will read YA/MG books and professional development books. I have piles of each. I'm planning on an hour of reading a day. I know that once I sit down and get into it, I'll probably read longer. My YA/MG books are all over the place (no pile) to take a picture, but here's a pile of my professional development books. 
I'm reading (and rereading) them with a colleague and we're hoping to chat about them. I'm also planning on using this post from Two Writing Teachers about how to read them. 

2. Everyday I will write. I want to write for middle grade students. I've started a draft. I want to work on that this summer. I'm going to participate in Teachers Write. I have a writing partner, I've already met with and hope to continue to meet and write. AND I've been invited to be part of a new writing group. I'm reminded of that Ralph Waldo Emerson quote, "Once you make a decision, the universe conspires to make it happen." Again, I'll write (revise, plan, etc) for an hour a day.

3. Everyday I will paint. This new hobby has brought me so much joy that I'd like to refocus on it this summer. Looking forward to expressing my creativity!

That's my plan for summer. What's your plan?

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  1. I like your plans. And I have known I need a plan for a while now. Since retirement, I have spent too much time on one thing and not enough on others...though the "one thing" can change. I am not getting to everything I want to do. You have motivated me to set down more of a schedule and try to stick with it to some degree. Have a great summer!

  2. Your post got me thinking about planning. I know I need to fit in more real exercise time. Going to make a plan. Thanks for the nudge.

  3. Commenting on blogs during the summer - great idea! During the school year I keep the #comments4kids column open on my TweetDeck, and comment on one per day, but didn't think of extending it to teachers... Yes, we need encouragement, as well! Thanks for blogging, Michelle - I can count on you to stay positive! I'll be reading and writing alongside you... :D

  4. I like your plan. I know you will succeed. I sometimes plan but then get distracted bu other things. I must become better as following through with the plans I make.

  5. Lots of traveling will take time this summer, but on the trips, & more at home, I will be reading & writing too, Michelle. I'm looking forward to seeing more of your art. And I hope to return to my weaving. Thanks for the boost to 'make a plan'!

  6. Michelle,
    Your summer plans sound perfect. You have several books in your stack that I plan to read as well. I see Reading in the Wild in your stack. I'm hoping you'll join the #cyberPD discussion in July.

    Wishing you all the best on your writing journey. Teachers Write seems the perfect place to start to make your dream happen. I heard Bryan Collier speak in March. He asked how many people dreamed of writing a book. Then he added, "What are you doing about it?" He repeated this phrase over and over until it stuck in my head. It seems you are doing something about and the universe is helping. :o)

    Enjoy your summer!

  7. Great plans...and your vivid colors have so cheered me up! Glad to know that you are enjoying this summer pace, Michelle.

  8. Great plans - I'm drooling over your stack of PD books.

    I love the idea of 'sculpting' your morning. That's exactly how I feel each day all summer - now I have the perfect word to describe it! Thanks!

  9. I just want to cheer to you. Go girl! You will have a rich fulfilling summer. Enjoy!

  10. Great plans!
    Wow! Terrific stack of books!

    ...Curious as I see everyone's stacks...Do teachers buy all these books on their own or do their schools help provide them?


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