Sunday, June 29, 2014

Confer or Evernote...

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Today's post raises more questions than answers. Last year, I started to use Evernote. I'd heard wonderful things about it from teachers near and far. I used it when I attended the Summer Reading Institute at Teacher's College and I used it to take meeting notes at school and I loved to use it for conference notes with my students! I used it until...I had to pay for it. One of my favorite things about Evernote is the ability to take pictures of student work and annotate on and around it. That clicked for me and I loved it. Evernote has a free version or a premium version. The premium is what I want to use to be able to upload unlimited pictures of student work. The cost is too much. It's $45 a year. I didn't feel like it was worth it to me, so I stopped. I missed it...but I got by without it.This summer, I'm hearing about Confer. It's a teacher created app to take conference notes. The lite version is free and the full version is $15. It's an app available on Apple or Android products. It truly makes note taking easier! Watch this video about confer for the iPad or iPhone...

Confer for Android...

Confer for the Android gives you the option to take pictures of student work. My hope is that will be added to the Apple version soon. I've sent an email to Confer. I'll update this post when I get a response.

 I'd love to know what you've used for conference notes. Pros and cons of each or if there's something completely different you've used. I'm hoping I can work this out before the school year begins!

Margaret, thank you for this link up! I always find helpful hints here!


  1. I have used Evernote sparingly. I didn't know they were charging for it now. Ugh! I watched the video about Confer. This looks like a great app! I do not teach large groups of students. I teach small groups of gifted kids, so I really don't need this tool. I can see how it would be very helpful for those teachers who have multiple classes. Does it require wifi when in use? That is not available at my schools. Thanks for posting and linking up and otherwise being a faithful blogger-friend.

    1. Yes, both require wi-fi. Evernote only charges for unlimited picture upload. Thanks for your comment, I'll make that clearer in my post.

  2. Love reading these digilit posts. I am always learning something new. I have used Evernote to some extent, but never Confer. I have found that I can use Evernote without wifi; it will update the information on my other devices when I have wifi next time. Thanks for teaching me something new!

    1. Jaana, I didn't know that about Evernote. Hmmm...thank you for that tidbit of information! I always learn something from you as well! :)

  3. Michelle,
    I love the flexibility of Evernote. I must admit I even pay for the premium version, but you are right it is a bit pricey. With many applications beginning to charge we have to decide which ones are worth it. Confer looks interesting. I'll look forward to hearing more about it.



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