Sunday, June 8, 2014

Reclaiming My Writing Space

I have a lovely office in my home. Until a few weeks ago, I had to step over piles of papers, a suitcase, and other random items to get to my desk. The door was even closed because I didn't want to face the gigantic mess I'd made. So, I was happily using my laptop in my bedroom and living room...until I read Stacey's post on Two Writing Teachers. I decided to use that as inspiration...and the cleaning and organizing commenced! (Currently, I am writing this post in my newly cleaned office, so this story has a happy ending.) 

Here are some before pictures... (I confess, I don't have pictures of the worst of it. I'd started cleaning before that happened.) My office is the spare bedroom in my home. 
Old binders, a chair and my favorite the open drawer with
clothes hanging out. (I did NOT do that for effect!)

There are no words...

When I couldn't find a place for something, I threw it on the bed...

Piles, piles, piles...everywhere!

So I organized and shredded and purged and donated! I created a clean, organized, colorful, happy, and inspiring space to write and read and work...
A neat desk with space to work...along with my golden lamp that makes me smile. 

I love my pens and stickers and sticky notes. They are all within reach.

I still have a piece of furniture to assemble, but the important files are organized in the crate. 

My most treasure possession, the quilt made for me by my mom. Having it in this space
makes sure that my mom is always close by...

This makes me smile!

Here's the view as you walk in. I LOVE my sparkly lights.
Cynthia Lord inspired those, as she has some in her writing space too!

A new jar to hold my most favorite pens. Do you see me and my Grammy peeking out?!?!
that's a picture from my first communion in the 2nd grade.

Here's my writing notebook...

TBR's already grown since I took this picture.
Having an organized, clean space that's filled with love and inspiration makes a difference. What does your writing space look like? 


  1. Hooray for you, Michelle! If it makes you feel any better, my office currently looks worse than yours did at the beginning :-( Like you, I found Stacey's post inspirational, but haven't made the time to make any changes. Vacation starts in two weeks, so you know what I'll be doing those first few days. Thanks for sharing and motivating me!

  2. Oh, wow! Great job! I will organize my office room when school is out -- I promise! I'll do before and after photos, too! Maybe that will be my "Slice of Life Tuesday" that week! Thanks for the inspiration!

  3. It looks so wonderful and organized now. I love the small, white lights and the quilt from your mom. Such homey touches in a space that needs to be about more than work (especially when you need inspiration).

    Thanks so much for sharing this with me!

  4. Your office looks like it has enough clean space and beauty to allow creativity to grow. Maybe you can share if you feel more creative in this space.

  5. I have organizational envy now. Great job pulling your room together. I love the lamps and the quilt and the sparkly lights. I have piles and bags of things. It's not looking good in my creative space right now. Thank you for inspiring me to get moving and get organized.

  6. This looks like a perfect space to write, Michelle. I'm so happy for you that you have this beautiful space now! Well done!

  7. Congratulations! You have a lovely and organized space in which to write.

  8. That is one cheerful, inviting space. Bravo!

  9. I write about organizing today too, and I think you are brave to post those pictures! But the end result is amazing! Good for you! No doubt you'll be more productive - and happier, too. So inspiring...

  10. You are inspiring me to create a writing space this summer (besides my chair)! I love those little jars filled with paper clips!


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