Sunday, June 1, 2014

Top Ten Reasons Why I Can't Live Without My PLN!

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What is a PLN? According to Jordan Catapano on, "What it means is that an individual has developed their own personalized 'network' of fellow educators and resources who are designed to make them a better teacher. This network through their social media connections." 

Through social media sites like Twitter, Facebook, Blogging, Pinterest...I've met so many amazing teachers who share my philosophy and passion for teaching. Here are my top ten reasons why I can't live without my PLN...

  1. We share ideas
  2. Inspired by ideas and experiences of others
  3. Seeing outside the walls of my classroom 
  4. Support
  5. Creative problem solving
  6. Learning new things 
  7. Book recommendations
  8. Writing feedback
  9. They make me a better teacher
  10. I share in a world wide community of teaching
I urge you to join in...use social media for your own professional development. Join a twitter chat, or write a blog about ideas on pinterest, or link to important teaching ideas on facebook! 

Links to all of my social media contacts are above, I hope you follow or friend me...

For those of you already part of a PLN...please join me and share your experiences in the comments! 


  1. I so agree with this post. Social media has allowed me to connect with like-minded people, something that has been rare for me during my 7 years of teaching. I have teacher-friends who I treasure, but I wouldn't say that we have similar philosophies, methods, and passions. I am thrilled to be able to meet some of them this summer! That will be a completely different kind of connection!

  2. I agree with you completely! I have found that there are so many good ideas out there, which means I do not have to reinvent the wheel. Time is precious, if others can give me helpful ideas and tricks that I can then share with people I work with then I am using my time efficiently. My Feedly account (RSS Feed) helps me stay connected to my PLN.

  3. You are my friend, even though we have never met, because of this active and engaging PLN. Presently I have tabs open for FB, Twitter, and blogs. I am bouncing back and forth to see what everyone is talking about. My journal is open and I am writing down ideas from other teachers. This environment is rich with ideas, support, and love. I hope I am not bordering on obsession!
    Thanks for linking up and yes, this is absolutely a digital literacy post. More and more our own social media connections will influence our classroom teaching.


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