Saturday, August 23, 2014

Celebrating a Great Week!

Thank you to Ruth for giving us the inspiration and the space to share celebrations every week! 

This week has been busy! I have much to be celebrating, so we'll go day by day.

Monday: Training meeting in the morning. I met a new teacher that I'm mentoring. She's enthusiastic and nervous. It's a great opportunity to get to meet her before the entire staff returns. I'm excited to work with her!

Tuesday: Oh what a day Tuesday!! I spent the morning enjoying cappuccino (my first ever) and yummy home made muffins while talking with a new friend. We met in church. It was one of those know...where you share about yourself and learn about someone else...where you discover random similarities and you feel like you have found someone important in your life. We talked about so much. I discovered that I'm really an introvert. It's TRUE! I was so shocked, but I feel like knowing that about myself has helped me accept my choices in my life. 

Wednesday: Back to School! It's our first official work day and it was great! Seeing everyone again and meeting so many new people is fun. Opening this year felt good and it felt like it's going to be a very good year! 

Thursday: More meetings today and I organized most of my classroom library. That felt great! I have over a thousand books, so it takes some time to find the right spot for all of them. I've been in this same classroom for a few years now and I finally feel like I'm using the space wisely! (It takes me that long to figure it out.) I really sat with different ways to plan out my room and I'm happy with the result! 

Friday: I finished the books and now onto the fun stuff. Arranging and decorating and organizing! It's not completely done, but I'm so proud of my space. Classes are going to be BIG this year, so we have to utilize every millimeter of the space. 

The beginning of school can be stressful (there have been moments) but overall, I feel like this has been one of the best beginnings in a very long time. I'm grateful for the support and the opportunities! 

Looking forward to a wonderful school year!


  1. I can tell you are off to a great start of your school year! You sound like you are in a good place. I love that you were able to spend time with a new friend. Adding in cappuccino and muffins makes it even better! Have a great week --

  2. What a great week you had!

    Tuesday - It's amazing when we make those kinds of connections with a new friend! God stuff!

  3. You sound quite bubbly, Michelle, & your week sounds wonderful. It's a treasure when that happens, I think, and remember you are part of that too! We started Wed., too, & are excited to get started! Love your description of your time with the new friend-wonderful! Have a great week next week, too!

  4. You sound so happy in this back to school mode. It must be the cappucinno! You sound like you are poised for a great weekend...and a great week ahead too!

  5. You sound like me! We started with kids on Thursday and it was awesome. I can just feel that this will be a great year--for both of us!

  6. Sounds like you are as ready as you can be! The start of school is always such an adventure. Nervous and exciting no matter how many years you do it! Good luck next week. I'm looking forward to your journeys.

  7. I love getting back in the groove and seeing staff again after the summer. We have some days for working in our rooms next week and I look forward to getting the library decorated and ready. Have a great year!

  8. Getting back into the swing of things can be fun and stressful. Love that you have a new friend! Also silently celebrating an answer to prayer.

  9. To hear this is one of your best beginnings is great news! Hope it is a wonderful year.

  10. I enjoyed reading each day had something to celebrate - some personal and some professionally - sounds like a good balance. Enjoy.

  11. From one of the best beginnings to one of the best years. Reading that you are an introvert I'd like to suggest reading Susan Cain's Quiet. She speaks wonderfully about introverts


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