Saturday, September 20, 2014

Celebrating the Day Nothing Worked!

I'm so grateful to this link up. I credit Ruth Ayres and this blog post for allowing me to see my Friday through eyes of gratefulness and celebration! (Read on, you'll understand.) Please join us here in this link up...

This has been an amazing week. As I thought about what I'd include in my celebration post, I couldn't decide...

Should I celebrate meeting Dani Shapiro? She's the talented author of Still Writing and Devotion. I love being an author nerd. 

Should I celebrate my students working with writing partners today? I could go on and on! There's so much there to celebrate!

Should I celebrate my really cute haircut? (I'll just include a picture...)

Instead I'm going to celebrate, Friday, my day of blunders and mishaps...the day where...if it could go wrong, it did go wrong. Don't get me wrong, these were minor problems, but the little things can sometimes add up. 

The day started out like any other, except I decided to treat myself to Starbucks because somehow the coffee I made at home tasted burnt. (I need a new coffee maker.) And I need caffiene, especially on a Friday!

The drive was like any other day, except for the cab that came out of nowhere, cut me off and stopped at a very long light that we both could have made it through.

I arrived at school to put the finishing touches on my plans for the day. Students arrived and the day began. The internet was slow...I couldn't open that youtube took three tries. Sigh...

Suddenly the wireless mouse and keyboard stopped working. I had to use the pen for the promethean board. That worked for awhile until I tried writing on the promethean board with the pen and the pen stopped working. Sigh...

This meant I'd have to walk to the back of the classroom whenever I wanted to make any changes to the board. I figured out a way to make this work for the first two and a half blocks. Until the program I was using randomly shut down during class. Twice. 

During independent reading in the third block, the computer teacher came in to fix all of this. I was reading quietly with my students. He couldn't resist. He surprised me and I jumped and yelled out loud...during silent reading! Sigh... (and hahahaha, it was funny!)

He fixed the pen. I fixed the keyboard and mouse.'s getting better. Things finally started to look up until...

About fifteen minutes later, the entire computer started shutting down. First Windows. Then ActivInspire. Then the internet. Then the entire computer. I was speechless. 

I've saved the best...or the worst...for last. (I can't believe I'm going to write this!) My stomach has been bothering me a bit. Lunch wasn't sitting well. The classroom was silent. Students were reading and I farted. Yes. I. Farted. 

The good news is it wasn't too loud and I don't think anyone heard it. If they did, they didn't admit to it. I, like the mature adult that I am, acted like it didn't happen. Sigh...

I celebrate the craziness of this day. 
I celebrate my students giggles when the computer shut down randomly during class.
I celebrate my friend, the computer teacher, making us all laugh by "scaring" me as I was reading. 
I celebrate my fart.
I celebrate the fact that none of this got me down. I didn't get angry. I didn't get upset. I rolled with it. 

I laughed. 
I laughed at myself. 
I laughed at the technology problems. 
I just laughed! 

Now please, in the comments, tell me you've done the same!

(This post is dedicated to my friend, Jessica, who never thought I'd write about this. See, I did!)


  1. Michelle, we've all had days when things didn't go right, or worse, nothing goes right! But, as you have just proven, it's all about the attitude. Good days can be ruined by bad attitudes and bad days can be turned around with a positive, roll with the punches outlook. I'm so happy to see you celebrating, as you say, "the oops days!"

  2. I celebrate you and especially your fart!!!! LOL!!!!!

  3. Hahahahaha!!! You caught me totally by surprise at the end. I just love you. Thanks for your honesty and humor. ;-)

  4. OMG this is the best post I have read in a long problems....and gastrointestinal problems too....this is a TRUE and honest week we can ALL admit to sharing - yes- even the "oops" parts of being human!

  5. This is perfect celebrating the funny and the life is hard moments. Oh and the computer issues where would be without them. Thank you for making me smile :)

  6. I am laughing so hard right now, my son just gave me the look! Thanks for making me smile - no, for making me laugh!

  7. I just received notice that the book by Barney Saltzberg titled "Beautiful Oops" is ready for pick-up! I think you could appropriate this title for your post, Michelle. I love the way you set us up in your writing, just wonderful. And yes, we've all been there, more often than we'd like! Thanks for the giggly start to the weekend!

  8. Oh this is perfect! Especially the end. I love you outlook on this. What a model you are for your students. Life throws us curves and if we miss we just roll on, laugh it off. Kids need to see how that works! And love the hair cut! Happy Weekend Michelle. Thank you for always making me smile.

  9. This is what I love, the unexpected and the big laugh! Great stress reducers and a wonderful celebration to share!

  10. Your attitude is so right, why cry over what happened when you can see humor in it.

  11. Go Michelle! This is the best for so many reasons. Thanks for your honesty and your ability to make us all smile and love you all the more.

  12. I am smiling at your ability to roll with everything. I am not sure that I have ever seen a celebration of a fart before, but why not? :)


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