Thursday, September 18, 2014


Holly invites us to write about our spiritual journey. This post is one of my favorite to write each week as it provides an opportunity for reflection. This week our focus is forgiveness. Join the link up here.

Forgiveness. I am going to start this post by asking for forgiveness. As this is the beginning of the school year, I feel so scattered. It's hard to focus and really THINK when I'm writing.

Here are some of my random thoughts...

The best "forgiver" I dog, Bella. Complete and utter forgiveness when I come home late or lose my temper because she's had an accident...she immediately forgives me...every single time. 

When I let pain and fear and hurt eat away at me, instead of letting go and forgiving, my entire life...suffers! When I can find the place in my heart and the strength to forgive, everything gets better. 

Even though I know's hard.  

Forgiveness is a gift,  a blessing. 

God forgives us. 
God forgives me. 
God forgives my selfishness
God forgives my anger
God forgives my petulance 
God forgives my fear
God forgives my lacking...

I will forgive rudeness of others
I will forgive gossip
I will forgive anger
I will forgive 
I will forgive
I will forgive

This song by Matthew West says it better than I ever could...

These are the words that stick with me: 
Show me how to love the unlovableShow me how to reach the unreachableHelp me now to do the impossible
Forgiveness, Forgiveness
Help me now to do the impossibleForgiveness
I need God to continue to SHOW ME and HELP ME with forgiveness! 


  1. That Matthew West story is so powerful. I only hope I could be so forgiving in that kind of circumstance.

  2. We must work toward forgiveness. It is freeing and God-filled. The video is heart-wrenching and amazing.

  3. Michelle, thank you for introducing me to Matthew West-haunting song for a powerful topic!

  4. Wow! What in inspiring video! That is the true meaning of forgiveness!

  5. Forgiveness is a powerful tool in God's arsenal against hate. He is forgiveness and will walk with us reminding us of this over and over and over. Thank you for sharing your thoughts.


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