Tuesday, October 28, 2014

100 Things I'm Grateful For...

My blogging friend, Terje, wrote a blog post about Capturing Gratitude. I decided to take the challenge. So in NO particular order, here are 100 things for which I'm grateful...

1. My smart nephew Jack
2. My wonderful niece Jillian
3. My mom & dad who gave me a wonderful childhood
4. Laughing & talking with my sister
5. My aunts who add so much to my life
6. My uncles who love me
7. My cousins near and far
8. Friends who add so much to my life
9. My faith 
10. Books
11. HGTV
12. My students
13. Laughing so hard until I cry
14. Quiet walks outside
15. Bella 
16. Memories of Leo
17. Notebooks, so many notebooks
18. Writing and the peace it brings me
19. PLN
20. Learning new things
21. Making new friends
22. My church family
23. Yummy peppermint coffee
24. Curled up in a comfy bed
25. Warm sweats on a cool autumn morning
26. Sounds of the ocean
27. Living the examined life
28. Finding exactly what I need at the store...and it's on sale
29. Blogging
30. Conferences
31. Long drives
32. Cute shoes
33. Music that changes my mood
34. Praying with friends
35. Painting
36. Anne Lamott books & her facebook updates 
37. Keeping in touch with old friends
38. Hugs!
39. Flowers
40. Library
41. Swimming in the summer
42. Early mornings
43. Health
44. First snow of the season
45. Snow days
46. Birthdays
47. Inspirational people
48. Authors
49. Cucumbers
50. Freedom
51. Daisies
52. Pinterest
53. Twitter
54. Cadbury chocolate
55. Pillows
56. Twinkly lights
57. Delight in the eyes of a child
58. Being an auntie
59. Teaching
60. The quilt made for me by my mom
61. Memories of walks with my dad
62. College and the experiences I had there
63. Struggles & how they helped me grow
64. My OLW for the past six years
65. An amazing trainer for Bella
66. iPad & being able to carry so many books in one device
67. Retreats
68. Movies
69. Books turned into GOOD movies
70. Cards that arrive in the mail
71. Colors!
72. Refreshing watermelon on a hot summer day
73. Sparkles
74. Books about writing: Bird by Bird, Writing Down the Bones
75. Framed pictures of those I love
76. Outdoor concerts
77. Cottages at the beach
78. Full moon nights
79. Love-filled relationships
80. My SUV with standard transmission
81. Reunions
82. Juicy cheeseburger
83. Blankets
84. Dog park
85. Friends & NCIS reruns
86. Fire in the fireplace
87. Bubble baths
88. Blogging friends
89. Organizing spaces
90. Apples in the fall
91. Spaghetti & anchovies
92. Soft, warm sweatshirts
93. Jammies
94. Fuzzy socks
95. Crafting
96. Unexpected time off
98. Warm, safe home
99. Changing leaves in the autumn
100. BEing grateful


  1. Michelle, how wonderful to wake up to find your list of what you are grateful for. It makes me think twice about how I want to live this day. Your dog looks like he is finding fall. Did you think about writing for the Finding Fall Gallery. I would love for you to express your perspective in photo and poem. Perhaps, your dog would like to be the model for the activity. This photo allows for the reader to reflect on what beauty is lying outside the window. Info is embedded in link in this blog post:

  2. Thank you for writing your list. Reading it reminded me of many things I could have added to my list. !00 doesn't seem so big after all.


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