Tuesday, October 21, 2014

200 Posts & One Year of Blogging

A sincere thank you to everyone who writes at 
Two Writing Teachers! You inspire me everyday! 
Join us here with your slice of life!

One year ago, on October 22, 2013, 
I began this blog.

I started blogging for myself as a reflective process...and I don't think it's an overstatement to say it's changed my life. 

I'd been blogging on and off since 2007 without much success. After a couple of false starts, I decided blog with my students. I enjoyed it and stuck with it. Why did it work this time?  There was a reason for writing and a built-in students.  

I have discovered that while an audience is not necessary, having readers and getting feedback, via comments, motivates me. My students and I still blog together at Crayons and Pencils. They now have their own blogs. I've become a better teacher of bloggers because I'm a blogger myself. 

It wasn't until my students and I participated in the Slice of Life Challenge the year before last that I once again considered authoring my own blog...for me. When I saw the amazing community of bloggers and I wanted to be a part of that! Learning from these smart & thoughtful teachers became a reason for me to blog. I wanted to connect with these teacher-bloggers and participate in reflective conversations about being a teacher. Still, I wondered...what do I have to add? What can I say that will matter? With much trepidation, I decided to try it and see what happens. 

I took the leap last year. You can read my first slice here. I haven't looked back since! Posting regularly here and on Thursdays over here and on Saturdays here and on Sundays here. I've made friends...real friends...over the web. I've learned so much about teaching! 

Personally, I love the growth I see in myself. Writing untangles the problems in my life and through blogging, I've been able to do that. The support from the comments and those that read... mean so much. 

Today I congratulate myself on 200 posts!

I congratulate myself on blogging for a year! 
And I THANK YOU for reading & commenting! It has made all the difference...


  1. Congrats! This is an amazing community and, I agree, the comments are what makes writing these slices so wonderful. Writing, reading, sharing, caring. Thanks for all that you have to share with each of us.

  2. Congrats on this accomplishment, Michelle! Kudos to you!

  3. Michelle, my life is so much richer because of your posts! I have learned much. You have made me cry at times and laugh at other times. Thinking back to your post or remembering a song that you had posted has become a norm. Whenever I have a chance to blog, I always look for your early morning posts! Congratulations!! I look forward to reading many more of your posts!

  4. Congratulations, Michelle! You have been a wonderful addition to my life as well as others, I know. We all hope you continue to blog for many more years. Thank you for being a positive light in the blogosphere. :-)

  5. Congratulations Michelle! I'm so glad you are here. Your posts lift me every time I read them. AND I love your students' posts. I read a few last night. You have nurtured some great writing.

  6. Happy Blogiversary!! It is as fun for adults to reach these milestones as it is for kids.

  7. Congratulations, Michelle, love that 'welcome to 200 posts' button. I am so happy you started your own blog & joined the community. I always look forward to what you're going to write.

  8. Congratulations! This line: "Writing untangles the problems in my life," is the heart of it all.

  9. Congratulations! Keep writing, see where else it will take you. Happy Writing!

  10. Be proud! What a great accomplishment! Happy writing.

  11. Happy Writing and Congrats to you! I'm so glad that I get the chance to read your blog!
    Thanks for writing!

  12. Congratulations, Michelle - so glad to be part of your blogging circle, and to read all that you share.

  13. Congratulations on a fantastic achievement! What an accomplishment. I just post here once a week and I think it is the comments that keep me coming back week after week to post something new.

  14. Congratulations, Michelle! Two hundred posts in a year is a huge accomplishment. As you said, blogging with and learning from so many amazing teachers helps us grow and be better teachers. So glad you add your voice to the conversation.

  15. You accomplished a LOT by posting 200 times in a year! I haven't hit that mark in more than twice that time!! :P Congrats on your blogiversary!


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