Saturday, October 25, 2014

Celebrating This Week!

This has been a whirlwind of a week! There's so much to celebrate. Thank you Ruth for providing inspiration to celebrate weekly!

Monday was the National Day on Writing! We wrote like crazy in school this week! I wore my special writing shoes for inspiration...

On Tuesday, for no special reason one of my students gave me this. An origami Bella....

These thoughtful & creative gifts from students always warm my heart and make me smile!

Wednesday was the one year anniversary of my blog. It was a long day in school and when I arrived home, I was exhausted! I opened the front door and look what arrived...

I ordered this a long time ago from Erin Condren (or so it felt) and it arrived on the perfect day. LOOK what's inside! A new notebook and some other goodies...I think I'll use this for my NCTE notebook!

Thursday, I just needed comfort food. Look what I made for lunch. Who knew that a bologna & cheese sandwich could make me so happy?!?! 
Reminds me of my childhood!

Friday was spent revising slices of life, so again, I needed to dress accordingly...

Little surprises bring me such this one...I have never owned or enjoyed using mechanical pencils! The other day, a student loaned one to me and I stopped and admired it. It was Ticonderoga. We chatted about it for a few seconds. On Friday, she said, "I told my mom you liked these and we got some for you." I was speechless. So thoughtful!!!! In that same class, another student noticed I needed more markers, so he gave me a coupon he found. 

The night sky on Friday took my breath away...

What are you celebrating this week?


  1. What a great writing week! I have to admit, I'm more jealous than I should be of those shoes!

  2. I love these celebrations! Your students love you so. Bestowing gifts must be their love language. :-) Beautiful night sky pics, and you know I love that Slice of Life tee!!

  3. Love the shoes! And what a week of gifts! I am going to have check out those Ticonderoga mechanical pencils. I LOVE the wooden ones - the only ones that seem to work in electric pencil sharpeners! Have a great weekend!

  4. I love all the pictures, the swag bag of goodies is great, Michelle, and the sky pics-amazing. I want to tell you that your students' thoughtfulness must also reflect you, the thoughtful teacher. Love that origami Bella, the pencils, the coupon! Have another wonderful week!

  5. A bright and joyful post! Happy writing!

  6. Every bit of your post makes me want go shopping for writing tools. (Something I think my students would benefit from too - excuse?) Your creativity flows to and from your students. Infectious in a very good way!

  7. All of this makes me smile but I especially love that your student (and Mom) bought you the pencils. Such a kind gesture.

  8. Michelle, another great post full of energy and excitement for what you do best: teach and write. Would you like to write a poem to accompany your fall sky photos for the Finding Fall Gallery at

  9. What a fun post! I love your pencil shoes and I especially LOVE your brave notebook. (P.S. I can play that song on my brand new baby grand piano ;)

    Glad to see that you're going to NCTE. We definitely need to finally meet! :D


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