Saturday, November 1, 2014

Celebrations This Week!

I love ending the week with celebrations! Thank you Ruth
Please join us and share your celebrations!

I celebrate my favorite season...AUTUMN! 

I've noticed the colors that greet me each morning, the brilliant skies each evening and the gorgeous leaves shining on the trees. 

I celebrate authors, in particular, Sharon Draper. I got the opportunity to hear her speak this week and I loved every moment of it. From the moment her talk began, I could see the teacher in her! She captivated the audience and a couple of my students came out to hear her! What an amazing night!! 

I celebrate ZONE Day in class. The final day of the quarter is a celebration of reading. We read. Ninety minutes of reading. It's like the best day of the year. Here are some of my students after they've settled in to their books. What a joy it is to witness this and be a part of it!!! (I read two and a half books!!)

I celebrate my PLN! I celebrate the ideas that you share with me. Each of you makes me a better teacher! I see it everyday in my classroom. In hopes of sharing the value of PLNs with other teachers, JB Reynolds (@jbreynoldsTRT), a fellow teacher, and I decided to start a Twitter Chat for the teachers in our county! 

Our first one will be this Thursday night at 8pm EST. #LCPSedchat. All are welcome! We will be discussing being a connected educator! Here are our questions:
  1. What does being a CE mean to you?
  2. Where do you go to connect?
  3. Advantages to being a CE?
  4. How do you encourage others to connect?
  5. How has it changed you as an educator?
  6. Who do you follow?
Our hope is MORE teachers discover the value of creating their own personal PLN. I celebrate YOU!! (Please join our chat, even if you don't teach in our county!!) 

Finally I celebrate Bella! My sweet Bella seems to be making much better choices after our training with Nancy! She's calmer and loves to sit with me whenever she gets the chance. I'm so grateful!
Sweet Bella kisses!

Her favorite place to sit in the living room. 

So much fun to cuddle in the chair together!

She loves to cuddle in bed now!


  1. You could just out a picture of Bella in a celebration post and this would be enough. Brings a smile every time. Taking initiative with a twitter chat is a higher level twitter expertise from my point of view. Have fun.

  2. Autumn isn't so bold in my part of the country. Yesterday, I dressed up as Autumn for Halloween! It is the season I miss the most living in California. And Sharon Draper! I loved Out of My Mind. What an inspiration to hear her speak. I'm always lifted up by your posts Michelle. Happy weekend!

  3. Wonderful pictures, Michelle! I could take hundreds at this time of year! And love that you're doing a twitter chat. I have a meeting that night or would join in-maybe will watch a bit! And love those of Bella too. You make me miss having a dog! Happy Weekend!

  4. I love the photo of your students in the reading zone. So great. So amazing about Sharon Draper. What a writer.

  5. Your pictures are incredible windows into your life and your week. I too love the season of colorful change and great weather and personal diversity. I also love your reading zone and Bella's licking your face!

  6. This fall definitely seems to be more brilliant and colorful than a lot I remember! I heard Sharon Draper once and loved her, too. What a great opportunity! How exciting that you're starting a Twitter chat! Unfortunately, that's when my small group meets, so I'll miss it, but I'll take a look at the archives. Good luck! That sweet Bella...


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