Saturday, January 31, 2015

Celebrating Gratitude

Thank you to Ruth for this amazing 
community to share our celebrations!

This week ended with a couple of sick days. It never fails, when I'm sick my mind becomes a central hub of worrying. Nevertheless, I come here today to celebrate the good this week...

1. Friends who SEE me and LISTEN and hear what I'm saying and what I'm not saying. It's such a blessing to have friends like these in my life.

2. 695...that's the nickname of the graduate class I'm teaching. We had our first week this week and it was great! The teachers in this class show up after teaching all day to learn and practice more. It's a writing class that's co-sponsored by George Mason University and the Northern Virginia Writing Project. It's an honor to lead these teachers through the next semester of learning and growing and writing.

3. My OLW (one little word) FLY. It's such an interesting word for me and it's working itself into my life in such interesting ways.

4. Blogging. The community of bloggers that write and share inspire me. I feel a responsibility to comment on as many blogs as I can and this week has been a tough week for that. Taking care of myself was a priority, but I'm feeling better so I'm back to checking in and reading and commenting. I know how much your comments mean to me! Thank you for your support!

5. Pictures. I celebrate my daily 5:22 pm picture. I heard about this from another blog I read. Take a picture at the same time everyday. I am and I love it. I see my world in a new way and I have a documentation of my life in the early evening. You can see it over at Instagram #522haseltine.


  1. With sickness in a body one could see just the dark side. Not you. You find many bright spots to appreciate and celebrate. Feel better soon.

  2. I'm glad that in the midst of busy times you are taking care of yourself, Michelle, so important. And love that picture challenge, and that you continue to 'fly'!

  3. That word FLY - such amazing potential for everything! Take good care.

  4. Michelle, stay calm, get well, and fly toward more positivity. Celebrating gratitude is a positive move.

  5. Continue to heal Michelle! I'm absolutely Loving your 522 project. I usually see it as I'm getting ready to leave school!

  6. Wow - you have a lot to celebrate. I love the idea of a picture at the same time each day, and I am impressed that you are finding so many ways to invite your OLW into your life. Good luck with the class you are teaching. I once took a writing class sponsored by George Mason. It was great.

  7. 5:22 what a great idea! I'm not sure I could keep up with it, but loved looking at your pictures! What a story you will have! Your inspiration is contagious--even when you are sick!

  8. Being sick is not fun. But sometimes I think that's the way our bodies remind us we need to slow down. Heal. Glad you're on your way to feeling better! Sounds like a great class you're teaching!


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