Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Flying in 2015

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As 2015 approached, so did my seventh word of the year...or One Little Word. Previous words include: METTLE, ENGAGE, BUILD, EMBRACE, AUTHOR, and RISK.

In my seventh year choosing a word I realized that I don't choose the word, the word really chooses me. My pondering for the OLW2015 began in October and I had really wanted INVITATION as my word. It seemed right...but alas, it didn't stick. The days leading up to the new year, I'd settled on OPEN for my word. That was it. It felt right...until the day before. It wasn't settling anymore. I was uneasy that I was making the wrong choice. A friend had been looking for her word and while glancing at a list I have, she mentioned FLY. As she said it I thought, "No. That's not a good word." The next day I was driving around town running errands and the word FLY appeared and grabbed my attention again. It felt like that was supposed to be my word.

Why FLY? I'm not entirely sure. That is both scary and exciting. I'm not sure where FLY will take me or why it picked me. In complete honesty, I am terrified of things that fly. I have been for as long as I can remember. I don't want to be afraid anymore. Am I still afraid or is that a story that I'm telling myself? One goal of FLY is to face my fears. Find my love for birds and butterflies and all of the FLYing creatures.

Synonyms of FLY include soar and take off. I'm hoping that those words will impact my life this year.

FLY is not a word that appears as often as I thought it would. When I settle on a OLW, I pay closer attention for it. FLY has been harder to find, but it's sweeter when I do find it. A blogging friend messaged me and sent me this amazing song because of my OLW. I'd never heard it before and now I start my day with it.

Yesterday morning, I saw this status update on Facebook...

During independent reading yesterday, both of my books addressed FLYing. (I swear I didn't pick them for this reason.) 

It feels like FLY is revealing itself to me...trying to tell me something. I'm listening...


  1. Thanks for sharing! I always enjoy reading your blog. I love your OLW and it's unique. My OLW for 2015 is purpose.

  2. It sounds like the right word found you! I also felt anxiety over choosing the 'wrong' word, which is why I think it's important that we listen for that word to find us. I'm sure you will FLY to great places this year!


  3. Beautiful! You are developing your relationship with fly! It found you and now it's not going away. It's sticking. Love Nicki Grimes' Words with Wings!

  4. Great song -- No Limits for you :)

  5. Sometimes words, like pets, seem to pick us. Looks like that is what happened with your word. Enjoy soaring to new heights.

  6. Oh, Michelle, this post gave me goosebumps! I have this image of your OLW jumping up and down, waving it's hands in the air like crazy, trying to get your attention. What, oh what, could this word be trying to tell you?? I can't wait to find out!

  7. I love how this word chose you and you followed - even though it's scary. Can't wait to read about your adventures. I love Words with Wings. We read the entire book last year the day before Winter Break! Now I need to fly back to your post to watch the video, listen to the song, and request Nightingale's Nest!

  8. I love that your reading even reflected FLY. Those are two wonderful books!! The song is just perfect. I had to look up the lyrics just so I could read them carefully. Favorite lines:
    "And as I wait
    You give me new strength
    To run and not grow weary
    walk and not faint
    Soaring on love..."

  9. Love, love love your story! I have no doubt that you will spread your wings and fly this year. Facing fears is huge and I am sure scary. Those two books are wonderful too! My computer is down and I can't watch the video on my iPad but I will come back as soon as I can.

  10. When it's meant to be...it's meant to be. :)

  11. "it's sweeter when I do find it." That's the wonderful thing. Love all the parts you shared!

  12. You're ready to fly with this word! Can't wait to hear about where it takes you this year.

  13. This is exciting!!! FLY might be unusual, but it is so full of possibilities! I look forward to reading about your FLY adventures this year!


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