Thursday, January 15, 2015

Spiritual Journey: LISTEN

I love writing about the One Little Words chosen by fellow bloggers and applying that word to our Spiritual Journey! Today we are writing about LISTEN, Carol's word. 
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I love the opportunity to write about the words that others have chosen. It makes me feel like I get a chance to borrow that word for awhile...I get to try it on and see how it fits. Today I'm trying on Carol's word, LISTEN. 

If I'm being completely LISTEN challenges me. I'm a talker! The words come easily (most of the time) for me and sometimes I forget to LISTEN. I have to work harder to LISTEN. What I know is this: LISTENing is where I learn. It's where I learn who I am. 

Praying has never been a problem for me. I pray. What I forget to do is to LISTEN! I need to stop and LISTEN for God. Praying is a conversation with God and I have lots to say, but how often do I hear? Do I LISTEN? One of my favorite verses in Scripture is Psalm 46:10...

Carol, Thank you for allowing me to borrow your word this week. It's served me well. Now, what do you have to say?!?! I'm LISTENing...


  1. When we listen, we certainly do learn who we are. Sometimes that is hard, other times, wonderful.Your prayers are answered when you listen. And when you see. Enjoy your day!

  2. I've probably told you this before, but "Be still and know that I am God" is my favorite verse! I love the image you found of it. I like to talk, too, so reminding myself to stop and listen is so important. And Steven Curtis Chapman - I saw your comment on Carol's post - once again we seem to think alike in so many ways. :-) This is such a beautiful song by him!

  3. When I taught Christian Education, I used Jerome Berryman's Godly Play and sang a song with sign language, "Be Still and Know" before every Bible story. Some of my students from way back then can still sing that song. It centers and prepares you to Listen to the Word of God. So hard when our thoughts want to get in the way.

  4. Michelle, thank you for borrowing my word this week, for you added thoughts to my heart on how to be still with the Lord. At yoga, there is stillness in the room. Even the breath does not break the silence. I want to remember this image when I speak your phrase from the Bible. I want to listen in the stillness and silence of the room and my heart. Have a faith-filled day of listening and being still.

  5. I like the idea of borrowing each other's words. So far, both have fit me well! This verse is also one of my favorites. Looking at the images in this video, how can we not believe in Him? I think God speaks so well through nature and these images show this beautifully...when we take the time to listen.


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