Wednesday, February 4, 2015


Last Wednesday afternoon after a very long day, I prepared to teach the first class of Writing and Learning Across the Curriculum. Nine years ago I took this writing course and now I'm teaching it for the third (or fourth) time.

I keep thinking...What an honor! I'm so lucky! What an experience!

Teachers from elementary, middle and high school levels come together for a few hours every week to write and share their writing. They take time from their busy lives to be here. I get to facilitate those hours and I take that responsibility seriously. Having done this before, I now know that I can't do this alone. They need to be IN it! These teachers are IN it!!!

Every week I read and respond to reflections from them about their reading, writing, thoughts, etc. The reflections I've read this week amaze me. These teachers showed such honesty and drive in their goals for being here. Many expressed frustrations with lack of time and so many expressed a desire to be better...a better writer, a better teacher...better! The enthusiasm in their writing leapt off the page and into my heart! The vulnerability they showed humbled me.

Too often we read scathing reports on teachers in the news. We hear complaints about the state of education in this country...Wrong.

The teachers I've met...the teachers who are spending hours learning and working to get better...they inspire me! I'm grateful for each teacher who showed up last Wednesday and for all of the teachers who will return tonight. Thank you for your trust and your openness and your humor and your enthusiasm. You amaze me!


  1. Your "students" are lucky to have a teacher like you, Michelle. What a fun class! Enjoy!!

    Sweet Writing Life

  2. We are the lucky ones to have such an enthusiastic and dedicated teacheršŸ˜ŠThank-You!


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