Saturday, April 18, 2015

Celebrating the Now!

Thank you to Ruth for this amazing community to share our celebrations!

April is poetry month. This month I will be crafting and sharing original poems. Often, these poems will be messy and early drafts. Many of us are sharing our poems on twitter using the hashtag, #digipoetry. We hope you join us!

I celebrate today
right now
a quiet start to the day
slowly sipping coffee
while relaxing

I celebrate blessings
cozy home
loving family
thoughtful & kind friends

I celebrate people
community, real & virtual
doing their best to live
authentic and meaningful lives

I celebrate writing
the vehicle
that gives me the 
opportunity to reflect- 
to live my life 

Thank you to Ruth Ayres! Her post this morning inspired this poem of gratitude. I was feeling the nudges of sadness that come around when I feel like my life is empty...without a family of my own. Instead, I decided to celebrate what my life is today and have faith that love IS present in many different ways! What a powerful gift...celebrating! Thank you Ruth!

(Good to be back blogging after a week of unintended vacation. Missed the blog and this community!)


  1. Celebrating what you have without wanting more or wishing the day away.....such as gift....such a blessing.

  2. Love that you share a celebration/conversation back to Ruth's post, Michelle. Good to see that your life is full.

  3. Focusing on what is rather than what may be challenging at times. It's wonderful how you notice the positive in your life and celebrate it in a poem.

  4. I love that you are celebrating life as it is Michelle. Your statement is so true: I celebrate writing
    the vehicle that gives me the opportunity to reflect-.
    Would you consider writing for the next gallery?

  5. Oh, I love the last stanza "to live my life authentically". I'm going to think about that one for awhile today! Happy quiet beginning Saturday :)

  6. Loved reading this as I sipped my coffee. Felt as if I was right beside you. Happy Saturday!

  7. Thanks for adding more poetry to my month. Perfect!

  8. I am glad you are back too! My poetry writing has taken a backseat lately. There just doesn't seem to be enough time - I know you can relate! Your repetition of the word authentic has me thinking. Just what does an "authentic" life look like? Am I living one? Hmmm.

  9. So many words from your poem resonated with me. The last stanza provides a wonderful reminder of just why we write. Thank you for sharing your celebrations and for inspiring us!


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