Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Zip Odes

April is poetry month. This month I will be crafting and sharing original poems. Often, these poems will be messy and early drafts. Many of us are sharing our poems on twitter using the hashtag, #digipoetry. We hope you join us!

I discovered a cool new kind of poetry called Zip Odes. This form uses a zip code. Each line has that many words. The poem is usually about that place. If a zip code has a zero…no words for that line. Here’s my zip code from my hometown Springfield, MA….01118 and my Zip Ode:
I grew up and learned who I was!
I learned about Zip Odes from my friend, TaramSmith on her blog. Today I am going to ask my students to write zip odes...about themselves, for characters in their books, the possibilities are endless. What will your zip ode say?!?!


  1. Mine:

  2. Nice! Such fun to write...I hope you share your kids' zip odes, Michelle.

  3. Michelle,
    I loved these when I saw them on Tara's blog. I'm going to have to give one a try before the month is over. 01118 sounds like a special place.


  4. 36744

    Big Victorian houses,
    Gingerbread decorations looking like fancy lace,
    Stained glass windows sparkling like glittering jewels,
    Stand like prim ladies,
    Dressed up for tea.

  5. Love this! I have been out of commission lately and need to get some more poetry written before the month is over. This is an excellent idea. I am off to see Tara's post. thanks for the idea.


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