Wednesday, June 24, 2015

A Full Day of Writing

Blog written Tuesday at the Highlights Foundation...

Here are some things I learned today. It's 2:22 in the afternoon and I need a brain I'm blogging.

Starting the day with yoga is perfect. The stretches felt good...down to my soul. I discovered that I'm asymmetrical and it's ok. We relaxed...right down to our brains. 

I have to walk down to the Barn for yoga and all of the meals. It's a short, beautiful walk. Take a look at my scenery as I meander down to the barn a few times each day...

Writing is hard and tiring and exciting and fun and hard again. It requires focus and concentration and a healthy dose of faith!

The support from the people here inspires me. I've met people yesterday and we are already sharing ideas and encouraging words. We are listening to our stories and sharing our struggles and our successes.

Yummy food. Doesn't food always taste better when someone else makes it? Imagine writing for three hours and showing up and having a delicious and nutritious lunch ready and waiting for you. 

Meeting new people is a wonderful experience and a rare one as a grown-up. We talked at dinner last night about how hard it is to make friends as an adult. We are gathered here for the same purpose...writing. A common interest weaves us together and I feel like I will leave here with more friends. What an unexpected gift!

8:02pm Tuesday

The afternoon was slow for me. Today reaffirmed for me that my best work time is in the morning. I was cruising this morning. After lunch I felt sluggish. I read a book to help me with my writing. Then...I stalled. I slipped back onto social media. I dabbled in my notebook. I blogged. I read & commented on some blogs. Feeling so guilty for not writing much in the afternoon, I dragged myself to dinner.

I opened my door and found a sweet note warning me of a possible rainstorm...

This made me smile. It's a perfect illustration of this week. We watch out for each other. We encourage and help each other.

When I arrived for appetizers before dinner, I got a chance to visit with Dana. This is her first time here too. She's someone who is really taking a risk to do this for herself! I admire that so much. As we chat, we discover so many similar interests! We both love Still Writing by Dani Shapiro and anything that Amy Poehler does and Netflix. It's fun...making a new friend. 

Then the Unworkshoppers got their picture taken together in my favorite spot, the Poetry Garden. (I'd spend more time there, except we saw a snake in there this morning.) We each held a word (again). This time I picked SPARK...

After dinner we shared about our progress and I wasn't the only one who struggled during the day. We listened to each other and offered suggestions. Then we laughed and chatted for a bit...discussed a possible dance break tomorrow and returned to our work. 

And now...

Getting ready for another day of writing and learning and growing and FLYing! 


  1. Lovely. Wish I was there.

  2. Thanks so much for sharing your process and experience. No snakes for me! Yikes! So glad you are making new friends.

  3. Oh, I like snakes! What color was it? The corn fiel is just down across the road behind the few trees in your first sunset picture. So gorgeous this scenery!

  4. I meant to ask you earlier... what will you be working on tomorrow? Which project is speaking to you more?

    1. A story about Molly the dog! Just kidding. I have no idea. Both projects are so different...I'm torn. Maybe you'll have some advice for me on the walk to yoga tomorrow morning!


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