Friday, June 26, 2015

Mission Accomplished

Written Thursday at The Highlights Foundation
Tomorrow I will go home. Tonight I think about what my goals were for this retreat... Go. Show up. Write. Meet some people. I did. I achieved all of these goals and much, much more.

I am here. This place is magical. Everyone is kind and helpful and supportive. 

The food is delicious and nutritious. The weather has been comfortable.

Show up.
I introduced myself to people. I met new people. I listened. I learned. I asked questions. I shared.

Oh did I write. I wrote a lot. I flushed out ideas for two possible possible books. I wrote four blog posts. I wrote pages and pages in my notebook. I wrote a lot.

Meet some people.
I thought I'd meet people. I didn't expect to meet a dog and a bear too. 

Back to the people...I didn't expect to make real connections. I didn't expect to leave here with friends. New friends and old friends...

Writer friends.

I laughed more than I have in a long time.
I ate the most delicious peanut butter cookie I've tasted in my life...and it was gluten-free!

I participated in yoga class and took some walks in the woods.
I talked and listened and shared stories and learned about so many others.

I leave here changed. 
I'm grateful for 
every moment and 
every word written here.
I leave here a writer.
I will return as a writer.


  1. You rock, Michelle. I love the delight in your voice in several places in this post, especially the lines around and photos of Molly. Happy writing wishes and safe travels home today.

  2. I look so ridiculous with that pillow. Why did I grab it again? (And now I understand why Lee Ann asked where I was looking. It does look like I wasn't looking at the camera... but I was!)

    Anyway, I'm still here. An eerie quiet has fallen on the Lodge now that I'm the only one of the Laughing Lodge Ladies left. Molly the Dog is sniffing around outside of my window. (I wonder if she'll escort me to lunch!)

    Safe travels back to VA. We'll have to do this again -- next July!

  3. Thanks for sharing your experiences about your writing retreat, Michelle. It looks and sounds like it was a magical time for you. Congrats!

  4. So brave! It sounds like summer camp for grown-ups!

  5. Thanks for sharing your journey. I wrote substantial parts of both my published novels in that magical place, as well as much of my next one. I also met wonderful friends and laughed a lot. So glad you enjoyed it.


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