Saturday, June 13, 2015

So Much to Celebrate...So Little Time!

Thank you Ruth for inspiring me to always look for the celebrations in life! 

Ending the school year is like running a marathon! I'm at the 26th mile...only two-tenths left and like a marathon (or so I imagine, I've never run one) there are ups and downs, especially so close to the finish line. Exhaustion is setting in with all of us and worries about changes in routine and the unknown of next year. The anticipation and excitement to reach the end, to complete the goal, and to begin a season of fun, relaxation, and freedom also hovers. Focusing on the good helps me so much during the craziness of the end! Here are some reasons to celebrate this week...

*Encouragement. I've been reminded this week of the power of encouragement. On Friday, I had the privilege of being the guest blogger at Two Writing Teachers blog and I wrote about notebooks. The comments and emails and messages that I received humbled me. Reading the words of encouragement from teachers and friends I respect so much...well, that made my day...week...year! A couple of those people even suggested I take this topic and turn it into a book. Hmmm...encouragement. It's powerful!

*Students, compliments & fancy pens.
If you read this blog or know me, you know I have an obsession (some may call it unhealthy) with pens. My students are well aware of this too. At the end of every year, I like to take some time to have us reflect and show kindness to each other. The form has been different every year. This year I borrowed a simple form from my friend Lee Ann...blank piece of paper, name at the top, sit in a circle, exchange and write a compliment. I upped the ante with the fancy pens. Students started reaching for their pens and pencils and I told them to put them away. They looked at me quizzically and I turned and reached for a container with my fancy pens. They GASPED. I heard them GASP. "We get to use those?!?! Really?!?!" I laughed and nodded and shared my fancy pens. The compliments were meaningful & heartfelt & so special!

*Friends. Family.
Last night I enjoyed dinner with my friends, who are like family. My Framily?!?! We celebrated Sean's 16th birthday. I've known Sean his whole life and seeing him grow into this thoughtful, kind, funny, sweet young man is a privilege. I sat next to Kevin (the sweetest twelve year old you'll ever meet) and we laughed and giggled through dinner. There's nothing like ending a crazy week with those that know you and love you so well. 


  1. I hate to get too dependent on the encouragements of others, but man, aren't they just great? You could eat them with a spoon. I'm so glad you had this experience. I can't wait to talk to you about book writing plans in a few weeks. Are you getting excited?

  2. Such a fabulous week of celebrations, Michelle. Love the notes & that your students were in awe about your pens-so funny. Perhaps a perfect pen helps the writing? Have another good week coming up!

  3. The sweetness of this week should be stirred into a jam and prescribed as remedy for the hectic down pulling days. I am happy for you.

  4. I was completely serious about you writing that book...I'm glad you found some encouragement in my words this week. It was a week meant for FLYing!

  5. MIchelle,
    Your post on TWT is lingering with me. It was so worthy of all the love you received. I saw Jennifer's tweet and completely agree with her. Notebooks and pens are your writing territory. They always say, write about what you know. We'd all buy it.

    Getting sad I'm not going to the Highlights conference. Next year...

  6. I write in composition books for the most part, but am getting ready to take a trip. I have been watching for just the right notebook to use as a travel journal. I just got a cool pen/pencil case & have been inspired by your post about pens earlier in the year. I'm having fun filling my new case. The tools make the writing that much more fun. Thanks for linking to the post about notebooks. Excellent!


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