Saturday, September 12, 2015

I Celebrate Introvert-ing!

Thank you to Ruth Ayres for the opportunity to focus on celebrations every week! September 19 will mark our 100th celebration! Please join us!

After days filled with middle schoolers chanting my name 
followed by requests and inquiries...
After days of meetings and schedules and planning and organizing...
Today, as my friend Erinn says, "I am introverting today!" 
(Love the use of that word as a verb!)

I celebrate the quiet rain falling outside,

I celebrate the faithful dog asleep at my feet,

I celebrate the amazing books waiting to be read,
I celebrate the cookies baking in the oven,
I celebrate the nap that will be taken this afternoon,
I celebrate the words that will be written,

I celebrate the TV shows which will be purged on,
I celebrate the opportunity I have to make these choices!

As I introvert today, I hope your day brings you much to celebrate!


  1. After so much talk and people work, introverting is necessary. It's a sort of a regathering of self.

  2. Introvert Day! As an introvert, I crave these days. I want to know what you think of Naomi's book. I love her poetry. The book did not grab me. Can almost smell those cookies. Yum!

  3. Looks like you have a lot to celebrate! Enjoy your weekend and your cookies!

  4. Oh yessssss!! Introverting is an awesome verb!! I need an introverting day myself. (There it is as an adjective -- we are reinventing the English language.) Hope your day nourished your soul as you had planned. Talk to you soon!


  5. Oh that sounds so very very lovely. I think I need to make a plan to have that kind of evening on Monday because this weekend is full of errands! thanks for the inspiration!

  6. Oh, I love your introverting plans. Rain, books, cookies, and naps - some of my favorite things.

  7. I love the thought of an "introvert day". I may have to steal that expression from you. I know that I need plenty of time alone to refill the gas tank.

  8. Celebrate the time that you have to savor all of life moments, Michelle.

  9. So many wonderful moments to reflect upon, Michelle. I hope that you'll send some of that lovely rain out west, please. Have another good week ahead, too.

  10. What a marvelous way to spend a day - introverting. I would also imagine that it's a recharging day.


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