Saturday, September 19, 2015

In the Silence, I Celebrate

Thank you to Ruth Ayres for the opportunity to focus on celebrations every week! 
Today marks our 100th celebration! Yippee!!! Please join us!

I have no voice. It was scratchy yesterday. Today, it's gone. Nothing. Nowhere. So I celebrate the silence. The power of silence and where that can take me. I celebrate the power of slowing down. In honor of our 100th time celebrating, I am writing a list of 100 things to celebrate! Here I go...

1. Silence
2. Cheerios
3. My sweet Bella
4. Books to devour
5. Notebooks to express
6. Colorful pens
7. Cozy jammies
8. Morning walks
9. Neti pot 
10. Slowing down
11. New places
12. Lists
13. Creative students
14. Laughing
15. Read alouds
16. The look on a student's face when they learn something new
17. Binge watching on Netflix
18. Writing
19. Sparkly twinkle lights
20. Stickers
21. Cupcakes
22. Prayers
23. Words and their power
24. Hugs
25. Sending mail
26. Getting cards
27. Surprise phone calls
28. Support of loved ones
29. A good bowl
30. Coffee
31. Peppermint bubble baths
32. Ice cream
33. Beach
34. Naps
35. Long road trips
36. Audio books
37. Podcasts
38. HGTV
39. Creativity
40. Jersey Mike subs
41. Ellen DeGeneres show
42. Concerts
43. Painting
44. Learning new things
45. Kindness
46. Silly Youtube videos
47. Sharing books with students
48. Book fair at school
49. Blogging
50. PLN and their inspiration 
51. Balloons
52. Finding something on your list that's on sale while shopping at the grocery store
53. Inspirational quotes
54. Drawing
55. Swimming
56. Memories
57. Holidays spent with family
58. Power of technology and how it's changed the world
59. Guardian angels
60. Time spent with my nephew and niece
61. Seeing the world through the eyes of a child
62. Pillows
63. Window seat
64. Watching Bella play with her toys...pure joy
65. A brand new box of Crayola crayons
66. Medicine
67. Forgiveness
68. Grandma dinners
69. Cookouts
70. Rainy afternoons spent reading
71. Epsom salts, Grammy said they make everything better
72. Cleaning out and simplifying
73. Cute shoes
74. Warm blankets
75. Random acts of kindness
76. My sister who always makes me smile
77. Morning phone calls with my mom
78. Remembering time spent with my dad
79. Grandmothers who loved me so well
80. Aunts and uncles who love me
81. Long talks
82. Dancing
83. Card in the mail for no reason
84. A new movie coming out
85. Gerber favorites
86. My favorite season, Autumn
87. Tall glass of iced tea
88. Poetry
89. Compliments
90. Trying new things
91. Word of the Year
92. NCIS
93. Time at college
94. Failed relationships and the lessons I learned
95. Always working to be better
96. Spaghetti and anchovies, comfort food
97. Teaching
98. Apples
99. Cool reading glasses
100. Blogging


  1. Wow, a marvelous list of celebrations, Michelle. "Peppermint bubble baths!" I love bubble baths, but will now need to look for peppermint! On a more serious note, I hope your voice gets much better over the weekend, & that number 66 is helpful!

  2. This is such a varied list and I found it interesting that you included failed relationships and the lessons you have learned from them. Good for you that you celebrate that.

  3. Impressive list. It'll be interesting to see what we've celebrated these past 100 weeks.

  4. I love this idea! HGTV would definitely make my list as well. Have a great week!

  5. Awesome! Sparkly twinkle lights always get me, too!

  6. I love lists but a list of 100 at first seemed like it would be hard...but your list makes me think I could do it too! Congrats on all your celebrations and personally, #17and #100 will also be on my list!

  7. Wow! And now I have to seek out a peppermint bubble bath. 😀

  8. Love your notebooks, your walks, your blogging, Michelle. Enjoy your celebrations!

  9. Cool! A list of hundred things to celebrate. Even a shorter list brings so much joy. A long list like yours is like a bright explosion of happiness.

  10. Michelle-this was so fun to read! I connected with compliments, daisies, Bella, and Netflix. :) I'm also intrigued by 96-my grandfather loved anchovies. I love making a true ceasar salad with them-but I haven't eaten them otherwise. Do you eat them with the spaghetti noodles? I love reading your writing! Keep doing that!

  11. That is quite a list. Are you familiar with Ann Voskamp? Reminds me of her book, "One Thousand Gifts." Hope your voice returns soon. But your writing voice will never go away!

  12. What a beautiful list. I share so many of these with you. #94 and #95 for sure. Not so much #96 though! With #100 comes connections with people like you.


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