Saturday, October 17, 2015

Celebrating Blogs, Recess, and Books

Thank you to Ruth Ayres for the opportunity to focus on celebrations every week! Please join us!

Celebrating my students today! We launched our blogs. I nudged and pushed and stretched them this week. We became problem solvers. We became published writers. We worked hard and worked together and created our own place in the blogosphere. I celebrate their perseverance and their strong writing voice.

This week we took a little time to relax. Recess!! I think this picture says it all!

New books. A favorite author of mine, Adriana Trigiani, published a new book. It is based on the true story of the Hollywood star Loretta Young. Her words are like a symphony on paper. I am loving this book and if you are looking for something good to read, grab it!

This morning as I was walking my dog, Bella, I noticed that I was rehashing my week and searching for the celebrations in it. It made me smile and grateful for this opportunity to share. Thank you!


  1. I love that you think about your celebrations as you walk the dog. I find myself thinking during the week, "Oh, I'll need to share this Saturday" It certainly helps to keep me in my happy place during the week!

  2. I saw your picture on FB & love it, Michelle, also love that you create art with your pictures. It shows such exuberance, recess exactly. I too watch for the celebrations, small & large, makes happiness every day, doesn't it? Have a wonderful weekend!

  3. I like the "we" in the celebration about your students. Smiles and gratefulness - this is what reading and writing celebrations bring to all of us.

  4. I love the process of finding the celebrations each week. Excited for you and your students on their new blogging adventure.

  5. Great celebrations this week. Looking forward to hearing more about your student blogs. I am wanting to start blogging with a group of students. I want to show them the wonderfulness of connections.

  6. Glad you were out walking with Bella. It must mean she is feeling good. Thanks for the book recommendation. Some of her books I have really liked and some of them left me just lukewarm but I will read this one now.

  7. Funny. Definitely when I experience a happy moment, I'm thinking, "Awesome, I have something for my celebrate post this week!"


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