Friday, October 23, 2015

Family Celebrations!

Thank you to Ruth Ayres for the opportunity to focus on celebrations every week! Please join us!

Time with family is precious. This weekend, my cousin is getting married so I drove north!! Driving through New England in the fall is amazing. I gasped over and over again at the colors. I'd forgotten how vibrant and gorgeous the colors are.

I attempted some pictures, but they just don't do it justice.

About an hour after I arrived, the school bus delivered two very special packages.

We made some arts and crafts. 

We took silly pictures.

Jack showed me a very special box that his mom bought for him. 
He told me that he's going to use this box to hold notes from me. When I leave, I usually leave before anyone in the house is awake. (It's a long drive and leaving early helps the trip move along.) I started leaving notes for Jack when he was little and now I leave one for both Jack and Jillian. He keeps them all and now he's going to keep them in his special box. We took silly pictures. Jack read Chicken Little to me. Grammy (my mom) told him that it was my favorite book when I was little. She read it to me a million times. He said, "Now I get to read it to you, Auntie Chelle!" Jillian drew a beautiful picture for me in my notebook. 

I am so blessed to be an auntie to these two amazing people!

Look at all of the celebrating...and we haven't even gotten to the wedding yet!!!


  1. How very special that you write the notes and that they are so treasured that they have a special container.

  2. The special box is AWESOME! I loved the pics of J&J getting off the bus, too. So much excitement!!! Have a wonderful time at the wedding! Congrats to the sweet couple!

  3. I think your pictures do capture the beauty of fall in New England. And not just the tree colors. Enjoy your time. What a lovely tradition you have with Jack of note leaving. That is something he and you will always treasure.

  4. Your auntie moments are super precious. Your words and photos are filled with love. I like the idea of a special box for your notes.

  5. Your post is perfection. What a wonderful celebration with your lovely niece and nephew. They are so lucky to have such a special auntie in their life.

  6. What beautiful pictures! Thanks for reminding me that fall is such an awesome time - even being stuck in traffic doesn't seem so bad when there are such beautiful colors all around. Have a great weekend!

  7. Love this peek into your life as an aunt. Arts and crafts and silly pictures. I bet these guys are thrilled to have you there. Enjoy the wedding and your return drive through the fall colors!

  8. Michelle, I hope by now you are filled with the spirit of celebration. Your interactions with your nephew and niece were special and I love the fact that your notes are becoming part of Jack's writing life. Your wonderful smile must be filling your family's lives this weekend. I am so glad that you are enjoying life.

  9. Two very, very special packages, Michelle. I'm happy it was a delightful weekend, saw some of the wedding pics posted, and then these wonderful ones of the kids. What a terrific auntie you are!


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