Thursday, February 25, 2016


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I am so far behind in my OLW posts for Spiritual Journey, I am sorry. I offer no excuse. I am here today.

Mindfulness. This word pops up everywhere lately. The simplest meaning to me is "the state of being aware". The roots of this word come from Buddhist meditation, according to The Greater Good. I wonder why it's become part of our broader vocabulary. The reason seems obvious to me, we need it.

The world is filled with distractions...more arrive everyday. It's easy to get lost. It's easy to forget what's important. I've gotten lost in the minutia of social media. I've wandered through the maze of Candy Crush and Words with Friends. I've allowed email and messages to rule my time.

It's too much. Being mindful means being present. It means consciously choosing where my time will be spent. When I am aware of that, I feel different...more peace-filled, calmer, healthier. I believe that being mindful takes great discipline and awareness. It's not easy until you create the path.

Mindful practices in my life include prayer, painting, writing morning pages in my notebook, listening to music, and walking. Each of those practices brings me to a state of peace and awareness. In turn, when I'm in that state, I feel closer to God and my relationship deepens. My faith grows.

Psalm 46:10
Be still and know that I am God!


  1. Yes! "Be still and know that I am God." Thank you for bringing to mind this key focus for being all we can be in a balanced, healthy--holy--way! God bless you! Thank you!

  2. I love that list of mindful practices... there is such a craze right now for coloring, and I do find that to be a meditative, mindful activity.. and I can keep it in my van to pull out whenever and wherever! Thank you for sharing. Indeed, we NEED mindfulness!

  3. Be still my restless mind, let the clatter and chatter cease-I loves these lines. I can be still in the yoga studio and even find the Lord in the stillness so why do I have a more difficult time outside of that room? I need to listen to the rhythm of His heart of love. Thank you for this video song that is a great thought at the close of the day. Be still, be still, be still.

  4. So hard to be still in today's world - love the words of the song: "Let the noise and clamor cease," all so that we can know that He is God. Thanks for the song and your thoughts.

  5. I like your list of mindful practices, so simple yet practical. Thank you!

  6. We both talked about social media - it can be a great connector, but it can also rob us of mindfulness. I love that Steven Curtis Chapman song featuring my favorite verse! :-)

  7. What a wonderful list of ways to be mindful!


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