Friday, March 11, 2016

Life of a Writer's Notebook

Thank you to Stacey, Betsy, Dana, Tara, Beth, Anna, Kathleen & Deb for this amazing platform to write and share writing! What a wonderful community you've created! I'm honored to be part of it. Join us at Two Writing Teachers.

Today's post is inspired by the great Dana! Her post is called How to Be a Writer's Notebook... Please stop by and read it! It's wonderful!

I sit on a shelf hoping, praying to be picked next
She spends so much time loving her notebook,
I want to be the one to bask in that love!

Will it be me this time?
She grabs three…
YES! I’m in the running…

She lovingly looks at each of us
Holds us gently in her hands
Listening and waiting
to feel which one will be next…
It’s ME!

I sit proudly by her bed.
The special pens
fill my pages with
ideas, quotes, stories...
with her

The stickers and
washi tape
make me beautiful.

Now I travel…
the bustling classroom
where sixth graders want to see

inside of me!

To cafes and parks
the bed, the desk,
wherever she goes,

I am there.

It’s my purpose.
Forever more
I am one of her notebooks.
Number #65.
I hold the words

and guard them.

It’s my life
as a writer’s notebook…

Michelle’s writer’s notebook.


  1. I love the notebook's perspective here. It makes me wonder what your many pens are thinking?

  2. Me too. Really cute piece, Michelle! Pick me! Pick me!

  3. Great perspective! I've noticed some interesting slices written with unusual perspectives this year. I am still dabbling in notebooks, but your beautifully illustrated ones make me want to fully commit.

  4. You writing about your notebook is just so perfect!

  5. Such an excited voice! Fun to show off as the notebook, filing up with good things. Sorry about the flu, Michelle-ugh! I hope the weekend and sleep helps you get better fast!

  6. Your notebook is in loving hands and well taken care of. It looks beautiful. Mine is filled with scribbles.

  7. This is such a great idea for having kids write from a different perspectives. I love the peeks inside your notebook. Write one!

  8. Loving your notebook's perspective. I shared Dana's slice with my students as a great way to slice- I love your details!

  9. Live the peek inside your notebook! The colors and the washi tape inspire me! I can't wait to try this personification in my blog!

  10. Such a neat view inside your notebook. I LOVE looking at what others write about and put inside their notebooks. I love the slice from the notebook's point of view.

  11. How fun to hear the thinking of a "Writer's Notebook." I'm impressed this is notebook #65! Thanks for sharing.

  12. Love the writing from the notebook's perspective. Very fun!! And, wow! 65 notebooks?!


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