Wednesday, March 16, 2016

TV Shows!

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I've been sick in bed for the past million days or so. When I thought about what to write, I thought about what I've been doing. I've read a few books, slept a lot, and I've watched TV. Watching TV has changed so much in the recent years, so I thought I'd tackle that today.

I grew up in the time of "Must See TV"...Thursday nights! We all sat down together to watch our favorite shows. Now seasons of TV are released all at once on Netflix. There's a thing called, "Binge Watching" where someone sits down and watches a season of TV in a few sittings, which I've done.

Some of my favorites shows I've binged on include: 

The Newsroom: Anything, and I mean ANYTHING, that Aaron Sorkin is involved in is on my must watch list! I don't have HBO, so I suffered through waiting and watching these shows once the season was finished. I return to this show again and again!

House of Cards: The characters on this show are all despicable. Usually that stops me from watching something, but I am so intrigued. The acting is amazing! The show surprises me! That's good TV!

Grace & Frankie: I love this show because it's funny and poignant and real. I love the actors and the acting. I love the beach and the beach house. This is one I return to again and again. Can't wait for season two. 

Reality TV changed television too. I love watching shows on HGTV and Bravo! Here are some of my current favorite reality shows: 

Top Chef: I am no chef, but I love watching this show. It's getting to see behind the scenes and watching people who are so passionate about food. 

Dancing with the Stars: I am a wannabe dancer, so this show is awesome! I love seeing these celebrities step way outside of their comfort zone in such a public way. It inspires me. The professional dancers are amazing and it's so entertaining!

American Idol: OK, really, I'm a wannabe singer!! This show has had it's ups and downs, but with the judges they have now, I'm all in. It's the last season too. 

Of course, I can't forget shows like NCIS and Parks & Rec. 

Putting those on Netflix makes me feel like I'm wearing a sweatshirt...comfy and familiar. My number one go to show if nothing else is on is Friends. I think I could recite the episodes.

What do you like to watch? 


  1. Michelle, I hope you're on the upswing. You have been sick a loooooong time! When I was on bedrest for 10 weeks(a lifetime ago!), television was a lifesaver. I became addicted to Matlock and all the detective shows I could find. I can imagine that Netflix and binge watching would have helped pass the time! We nixed television in our house about 15 years ago and for us, it was the best decision ever. I'm convinced not having television (though we could watch movies) made a significant difference in my chidren's lives. About a year ago we got reconnected. Technically there is television in the house now, but I do not watch it. On rare occasions I might watch a movie--perhaps 3 times a year. I'm totally out of it during television-related lunchtime conversations! I opted out before any of the shows you mention took hold--it's like a whole parallel culture.

  2. I hope you feel better! It is so interesting to me how things change. When I was little I used to think that my parents were so lucky because they getting to experience all kinds of inventions during their life times. I naively thought we'd never see so many cool things (television, space travel, etc) invented. We have certainly seen more than our share (and there's so much more ahead!). I have been known to binge on Grey's Anatomy and Bones (lately). I do love to listen to a show and draw or paint while I do it. And you can't beat a little TV time to help when you're feeling sick. Hope you're on the mend!

  3. Not a day goes by that I don't watch an episode of Big Bang Theory. Before, it was Home Improvement.

  4. My TV watching has dwindled down to nothing- my TV here has been on once (and that was when my son was visiting when he determined I really had terrible channel choice). I have seen a few of your shows, but like Molly I am out of the daily conversations of TV- no clue! I am glad you have had something during these long days of sickness- hope you are better soon!

  5. Feel better sweet friend! Pauline has an early release this year and on the days she's not managing at the barn, we snuggle on the couch and watch Bones together. Other favorites are Chuck, so funny and such great character development! And Eureka. And I too occasionally watch the big bang theory. And we're NBC nightly news watchers and Trevor Noah fans on the Daily Show. Hope that gives you a few new ones to check out!

  6. Friends! I have a DVD set, pull it up on Netflix, and watch the reruns when I'm up late at night during spring break. TV watching is a wee harder with an 11 year old in the house. We are also watching a lot of Full House. Which he loves, and I loved it too...I'm sure there is a story in there somewhere. I hope you are feeling better today!

  7. I'm hoping too that you are feeling better and better... and I totally join you on the couch for some fun TV. Tonight, btw The Americans returns on FX. Love that one and the earlier years are on lots of the streaming services...
    I am totally hooked on the election process now too... so hooked...
    Bonnie K.

  8. Take care of yourself. I don't often watch any TV but on some holidays my husband and I will watch British mystery and detective shows. Love Scott and Bailey

  9. I don't watch much Michelle, but have lately been immersed in the political scene, so anything talking about what's happening is what I'll watch. I am loyal to Downton Abbey, and I watch The Voice when it's on. We put the TV in the closet during my kids' growing up years, so I missed those shows too. My daughter says she has no idea what her peers are talking about when they reminisce. I hope you're lots better, so sorry this flu hit you so hard. Glad for you there's Netflix!

  10. Downton Abbey was the only series I really watched - but your collection has my curiosity up, Michelle!

  11. Oh yes.... my hubby and I have so much we watch, but our number one is FRIENDS! We can probably quote something from every episode. Best show! We also watch NCIS, Big Bang Theory, Modern Family and New Girl. I watch a lot of other shows too, but the hubby calls me crazy for the reality TV that I love! :)


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