Monday, April 11, 2016

Catching Up...Again

Sharing an original poem everyday in the month of April.
Happy National Poetry Month!

I spent Sunday (well, much of the weekend, cleaning and organizing). I didn't post a poem, but here's my Sunday poem, today! 

All day
Music eases the
boredom and
monotony of cleaning.

Singing like I’m on the
Broadway stage
makes the time
zoom and suddenly
I’m done and everything is

My second poem is a haiku for Monday, calling for some sunshine...

Rainy Mondays are
slower and it’s hard to start
Sunshine! Where are you?


  1. I couldn't agree more with your haiku and your first poem cracks me up. Good thing you live alone if you're going to sing like a Broadway star when you clean. :)

  2. I love cleaning and loathe rainy Mondays! I agree...Sunshine, where are you????

  3. Sunshine is coming tomorrow, and supposedly staying all week! (speaking of singing that makes me think of the old John Denver song "Sunshine on my shoulders makes me happy...")


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