Sunday, April 3, 2016

Found Poem from Courage to Teach and Lead Retreat

Sharing an original poem everyday in the month of April.
Happy National Poetry Month!

I spent Saturday at the Claggett Center for the Courage to Teach and Lead Retreat. I found out about this opportunity late on Friday and I was able to participate for the day. It was amazing. Here's a found poem from my day. These words and lines are words I heard and wrote throughout my time with the amazing teachers and leaders at this spectacular location...

carry power
bring meaning
bear our history and experiences

Let’s respond with
a kind heart
Listen to what’s being said
behind the words…

Listen with
instead of
fear and anger.
Dig beyond the

Words I will carry with me from this day…
Prayer is a conversation
Moments of wonder in life
Always start with the gratitude
What is sacred?
Transformational, spiritual change

What in our lives do we bow to?
Showing gratitude
Being vulnerable
Carrying a notebook is a form of bowing.

Truth emerged
From this pivotal experience


  1. Beautiful piece for this sunny Sunday morning, Michelle. I am drawn to a few lines that really speak volumes, and are often forgotten in 'conversations'...listen to what is said, behind the words....dig beyond the words. Both life changing for relationships of any kind.
    Thanks for a terrific piece. maribethbatcho

  2. Love it! Your poem is inspiring. It makes me want to carry a notebook around, too!


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