Wednesday, April 13, 2016

How Poetry FOUND Me Today!

I was struggling to write poetry this morning. I didn't want to. I wanted to give up and stop...and then I got to school. 

I was greeted with Amy saying, "I need you to read this. I need a good ending. It needs...something. What do you think?" I read her poem, "Sky" and we brainstormed some ideas. I suggested repeating the first line at the end. She scrunched up her face. I love a writer who is really the boss of her own writing. I asked her what she wanted her reader to feel as the poem ended. She said, "Not too happy, but not too sad." I suggested a few lines and she came up with her own (which was better than any of my suggestions)!

This encounter was followed by a found poem written by Isabel from lines in the book she's reading, Sure Signs of Crazy. Isabel borrowed lines from the book and arranged them into a powerful poem. You can read it here. I shared the poem with the amazing Karen Harrington, the author of Sure Signs of Crazy, on twitter. Here's the exchange...

Isabel is over the moon! She's so excited that the author read and loved her poem.

Now, I sit here INSPIRED to write a poem...inspired by my sixth grade poets. Thank you, Amy & Isabel. I'm going to write a found poem with lines from my notebook. Here it is...

I am a reader.
It's like seeing inside a soul,
it's just like coming home.
It always leads me to 
new discovery, to the 

I am a reader.
When I finished my book, 
I gasped.
I cried.
I cheered.
I loved.

I am a reader.
I learn
valuable truths by
being immersed
in story. 
I am a reader.

Inspired by Isabel & Amy.

Dedicated to Isabel & Amy.

Sharing an original poem everyday in the month of April.
Happy National Poetry Month!


  1. Love your poem and the way your students inspired you!

  2. Love this poem! I want to try a found lines poem later today!


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