Saturday, April 2, 2016

Saturday Haiku & Celebration!

Sharing an original poem everyday in the month of April.
Happy National Poetry Month!

It is Saturday
My brain is turned off today
This is my poem.

Today I celebrate...
one month of daily writing practice
hearing students say, "I did it!"
new connections created
old friendships strengthened
the feeling of accomplishment

I celebrate...
starting over again with poetry
the beauty of words
the power of determination
being accompanied by writing friends
chasing my dreams
of calling myself
of being
a writer!

Thank you to Ruth Ayres for providing this space to share our celebrations. Please join us and share your own!


  1. Michelle,
    I wanted to stop by today to see if you were trying to write a poem a day this month. I was so glad to see you were going to attempt the challenge again this month. I didn't get off to the start I hoped this month. I was just too tired last night --- and I didn't already have a poem ready for the first day (what was I thinking --- to write the kind of poem I was hoping to write. The challenges of daily posting!

    Your poem today speaks to the challenge I face and the reasons I press on in this monthly madness. I think you are right about "the power of determination" and the comfort of "being accompanied by writing friends."

    Good luck this month,

  2. I am caught in the monthlong flow of writing and don't want it to stop either. I'm going to try to commit to writing a haiku (or poem, if I am feeling really adventurous) every day. I love your reflection on your writing over the past month. Keep it going!


  3. I was gone most of yesterday so didn't get to see everyone's Poetry Friday, will go back to look for yours, Michelle. Yes, the idea is step by step, isn't it? Have a great weekend writing poetry!

  4. I am happy to see so many slicers writing poetry this month. Can we make it a whole month? This one is tougher for me because I didn't feel as much support, but in reality, the support is out there. I just need the courage to Just.Do.It.

  5. I will love reading everyone's poetry this month. I'm still playing with this, and maybe will jump in mid-month. I can feel your determined spirit in the writing this morning! Thank you for sharing.

  6. Michelle,
    Good luck with your poetry writing! I'm sure you will do it because you are determined-your poem says so!! I'm going to post when I can, but I will write every day!

  7. So many opportunities for people to write. Some join poetry, some join April Love. Cheers to you for moving to poetry this month! I won't join anything, but hope to get my journal out every day.

  8. Yay you! I took Friday off. We'll see what tomorrow brings. Here's to writing.

  9. Congrats on writing daily for a month. That is hard work, but is so rewarding. Thanks for sharing your poem. It brought a smile to my face.

  10. I love the shift to poetry but the plan to keep writing. You have great momentum! Keep it up! And I love the brain off days feels good to refresh. :)

  11. The beauty of words and the power of determination! Hats off, my friend! I missed writing with students and the enthusiasm that is contagious in the classroom. I even missed our occasional orange slice treats during writing!


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