Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Sixth Grade: We Are Writers

We are writing daily in sixth grade. I am so proud of my students. They show up everyday. They write. They share their writing. They live like writers too. 

Yesterday, I challenged my students to live like writers and listen for good lines at lunch. When they came back from lunch, one student wrote a hilarious slice of life about a mini-food fight. My favorite line, "I look up and there is a dangerous smile on her face." My favorite part of this experience is how this student was laughing while she was writing her slice. She kept cracking up. She is living like a writer. She is paying attention and using everyday experiences in her writing! I got to see the words of Robert Frost come to life in front of me! 

We are currently practicing our weekly slice of life blogging while we are continuing with our poetry writing. I have more than twenty students who are participating in our poetry challenge. These students show up everyday and write and post a poem. 

Next week, we are wading into the world of collaborative poetry. Inspired by Betsy Hubbard's Facebook challenge to her friends, we are having the sixth grade students write collaborative poems. It will take seven school days. The poem will travel through all of the sixth grade classes and return to the original poet. I can't wait!

There's so much inspiration to be found when surrounded by writers! I'm proud of my sixth grade writers. This poem is inspired by overheard bits of conversation. This poem is dedicated to them!

We are writers. 
We write everyday. 

We talk like writers.
"Figuring out what to write about it hardest thing sometimes!"

We live like writers.
"I'm going to write about what happened at lunch!"

We support each other as writers.
"I love this line!"

We show up...
We write...
That's what makes us writers!

Thank you to Stacey, Betsy, Dana, Tara, Beth, Anna, Kathleen & Deb for this amazing platform to write and share writing! What a wonderful community you've created! I'm honored to be part of it. Join us at Two Writing Teachers.


  1. I love the line about the student who was giggling as she wrote about her lunch slice. That shows so much about her as a writer. YOU are helping these kids live the life of a writer. Way to go!


  2. That is amazing! I can't wait to see how they turn out. It is always a surprise how a few words in my mind transform into something completely new.

  3. These kids are so lucky to have you as their lead in living the writerly life. I love the variety of writing your students are trying out. Your poem captures your excitement well!

  4. Your students are so lucky to have you as their teacher. Yes to living like a writer! Last night, Mr. and I were watching a documentary on Jackie Robinson. It has left me thinking about partnerships and the role of women in the struggle for equality. There's a story in there somewhere...Thanks for sharing!

  5. They are writers because you are a writer! You inspire and motivate and they show up because you invite them. I like that challenge-listen for good lines at lunch. It's funny how when we focus ourselves and look for the little things they are present.

  6. Living the lives of writers every day...what great experiences your sixth graders are having. I'll bet they can't wait for the collaborative poems to return to the original writer! Sounds exciting. Your class is writing because of you. Feel proud.

  7. What a wonderful place you are living in! You've created this place for you and your kiddos. What joy!

  8. You have nurtured them, Michelle, and all of you are living as writers. What a wonderful gift you are giving to your students. They will not forget!

  9. This is wonderful. The main goal you have aimed for - having a community of writers living a writerly life - is happening in your class.

  10. That writer whose writing is cracking herself up? Likely bodes well for her eventual audience :)


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