Saturday, May 14, 2016

Joy List

This week has been hard...end of the school year, testing about to begin, lots of rain...but, there's still so much JOY and so many reasons to celebrate. Here are a few...

1. Kindness of strangers. On a walk, Bella's leash released and she was off. She ran into the middle of a very busy road and kept going. I was screaming and scared. Every single car on the road (during a busy evening commute) stopped. Many got out of their cars and helped. A man was able to get her and bring her too me. I'm grateful to have witnessed so much kindness!

2. Bella's new leash with a locking carabiner. 

3. Watching my students grow in confidence and ability this week. I love observing how they work together to achieve their goal. (Photo made with WalaxyPic app.)

4. Sunshine yesterday. We have had more than two weeks of rain and no sun. Yesterday, the sun emerged and my students ran to the windows, like they do when it snows.

5. Selah Writing Retreats. Everyday I work a little bit on launching my new business. It's exciting to create something like this. 

6. A new book. Looking for Lovely by Annie F. Downs.  It's a book about searching out the simple lovely moments to help save us from our own "broken crazy"! I found myself saying, "Me too! Me too!" as I read this book. It's one I'll return to in hard times to remind me of the lovely. 

7. In the muck. I celebrate being, as my friends call it,  in the muck. It's a time of transition, changes. It's uncomfortable, unstable, and hard. I'm celebrating this to remind myself of the opportunity to learn while I'm in the muck. 

8. Writing notes of kindness. I celebrate notes of kindness. I spent some time this week writing out notes to friends and students. 

9. Telling bad jokes to my niece and nephew. I love the Ellen DeGeneres show. Once a week, she tells classic jokes. I am so excited that Jack & Jillian are old enough to get these jokes. I called Jack and told him the joke. He stopped and thought about it and then laughed. There is no sweeter sound. (The joke was...Why do bees have sticky hair? Because of the honey combs.) Hahahaha!!!

What brought joy to you this week? Thank you to Ruth Ayres for providing this space to share our celebrations. Please join us and share your own!


  1. The scary situation with Bella startled me. So glad it ended well. I appreciate that you continued with so many positives and ended with a joke.

  2. So glad that the Bella situation turned out ok. How scary that was, Michelle. I love all your celebrations, admire you so much for starting this new path, the retreats. But of all, that picture for "notes of kindness" touched me a lot. It is marvelous. Happy weekend, hoping for sun for you. We have rain coming this weekend!

  3. Michelle, I read your story about Bella earlier this week and am grateful that so many people came to her rescue. Your celebrations while in the muck are filled with joy. There are so many special pieces in this post. I was thinking that your sky photo with your students embedded upon it would make for an interesting image poem. Will you create something for my spring gallery? (invitation at

  4. I always celebrate the sunshine! It's a rare thing at this time of year in Ohio. I love the choice of words: muck. It's perfect we all go trudge through it with heartache and end up on the other side with celebrations.

  5. I love the celebrations this week and I'm so glad to hear Bella is safe. Those dogs, their desire to run makes our heart run!

  6. What a nice joy list. I'm so happy Bella was safely returned to you. Our fur babies are precious parts of our lives. I'm glad you are putting your best foot forward with your Selah Writing Retreats. I'm anxious to see what you share. Oh, and thanks for sharing the book, LOOKING FOR LOVELY. Even though my TBR pile is growing out of control, I'm off to check it out now. Enjoy your weekend, Michelle.

  7. There is so much here that brought a smile to my face. Thank you for sharing the muck and the sunshine. I'm glad Bella was not hurt.

  8. I saw that joke on Ellen. I should share them somehow. i love your enthusiasm and optimism. This time of year is so hard. I'm struggling to keep my head up. Thanks for helping.

  9. Great to read of your happy moments in the middle of the muck. Rain and clouds have returned to our side of the world, and I'm pleased (does that mean I'm a true Nortwesterner?) Knowing that you've had two weeks of rain and gray makes the cloud pic even more joyous! Glad Bella is okay. Love that turquoise leaf.

  10. So many things to be celebrating. The Bella of the leash moment -- I could feel the panic and the huge relief. Thank goodness for strangers! Hang in there finding the beauty amid the "muck."

  11. Michele, I'll bet it renewed your faith in human nature to see all those cars stop. A thoughtful reflection on your week.

  12. Michelle,
    I like your Joy List. I'm thankful Bella is safe -- that was scary! Good call on getting a new leash!
    Godspeed on your new business!


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