Wednesday, August 17, 2016

I Remember When...

I came across this Instagram post and decided to jump in and join! Please join me!!!
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It's a writing challenge called the 8 Minute Memoir Writing Challenge. It sounds like everyday there will be a prompt. This is good for me because work started today, but I can commit to eight minutes everyday! Today's prompt is, "I remember when..." 

Tonight, I typed my response. It came out as a poem. With a little revision, here's my 8 Minute Memoir about remembering...

I remember when Virginia was new to me.
I remember when the job was new and the people were unfamiliar, but friendly, faces.
I remember starting over.
I remember being the youngest.
I remember when life was simpler.
I remember when I didn’t know anyone or anything...and now,
Those faces are filled with love and smiles and kind words.
The job is still important, but it isn’t everything.
There are roots where there once was a seed and the roots run deep.
Age has seasoned me and allowed me to see more and learn more and grow more.
I am who I am because of these people...the students, the colleagues, the friends…
all of whom have become a part of my heart, a part of my soul, a part of me.

It’s the memories, the people, the experiences that weave together to create a person.
The worries are forgotten.
The tasks that seemed insurmountable are now
tiny specks in the rearview mirror of life.
People are remembered.
Kind words are remembered.
Love is remembered...and carried along, so that I’m never alone.
I am the product of the love and laughter and failures and successes and the people in my life.
There are no shoulds, no regrets, no wishes... there’s only love, love, love.

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  1. Love this I remember post . . . people, kind words, love . . . the best things ever to remember.


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