Saturday, January 7, 2017

Celebrating Writing and Kindness

This started off as a tough week. There wasn't anything big that happened, but I was feeling overwhelmed and lost. Worry seemed to be the boss of my emotions and I couldn't shake it. I did the things I do when I'm feeling out of sorts and none of them were working. Life seemed to continue on a path of uncertainty and I felt like nothing was going to snap me out of it. I felt like I was already failing at my word, RISE. 

This is where writing saves me time and time again. Every day I sit down with my notebook. Some days I ignore these anxious thoughts and wrote about other stuff. My writing on other days takes me head first into the dread. It all helps... every single word, syllable, letter that I all helps me on this journey. I celebrate it all!

It's not magic. It's showing up. It's the work. It's the willingness to sit with the messiness of life. In the end, I did RISE. Things came together. I listened and talked to wise women in my life who reminded me of a very important kind to myself.

I celebrate the time spent in my notebook. 

I celebrate the messiness of life. 
I celebrate strong, smart women in my life.
I celebrate kindness and the power it has to change everything.

I found this video and it touched me. Brad Montague starts his video with these words, "I wrote a story for us." His story stuck with me this week. I celebrate his story, my story, your story!  "The world's in need of brave birds who say they'll bravely sing with joy!" Sing your song to the world. We need it! Celebrate it!

Thank you to Ruth Ayres for providing this space to share our celebrations. Please join us and share your own!


  1. Falling gives us the opportunity to rise. I don't like it when bad things such as worrying or negativity is the "boss of my day." But I think we all have them. It is what we do to RISE from them that counts. Writing did that for you this week so celebrate...and don't beat yourself up!

  2. Oh Michelle, life's messiness seems to be what makes us inspired I think. I'm glad you wrote into a good place, love all that you share on FB, etc. And this video is awesome. I hope you'll share it so I can pass it on, too! It would be great to share with students, too!

  3. Michelle,
    As always, you lift (my OLW) me up even when you are down. You are a lifter. As you rise, you lift others along the way. Wow. Thank you. And I love Brad.


  4. What a testament your post is to the power of writing. I saw Brad's video on FB this week and loved it. I celebrate every single word that you write - your upbeat moments, the times of struggle, the messiness of life, your honesty! Happy Saturday, Michelle!

  5. You show over and over again that writing has magical powers. So does your OLW. Your know how to let words guide you and how to use words to guide others. Your a wise woman too.

  6. Thank you! So many times I pause because I don't want to write about messy stuff in life. I believe it's important to share all sides of life. Your OLW already has helped you turn the page on a difficult week. Congrats you're a strong woman. Here's to a new week.

  7. So glad you sing your song to the world!

  8. YES, be kind to yourself, friend, and always remember there are many different ways to RISE!

  9. The new year always begins with challenges - I feel rather daunted by all that I hope for, and all that I must still face. Thanks for sharing that special video!

  10. I love the ending of the video story. I will add: Rise up little voice into the world. Don't worry about being you or messy in this big world because each one of us is to live life in our own little way.

  11. I'm so glad you have a "wise women" in your life reminding you to "be kind to [your]self." You will rise on the notes of your song, keep singing it!


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