Monday, March 6, 2017


Doing some reminiscing.

I miss...

* Sunday dinners with my whole family
* snow and snow days
* shopping at the mall
* watching TV shows one at a time
* my mom making my lunch for me and putting a sweet note inside
* playing outside until the street lights come on
* riding around in the back of Uncle David's car and sliding around (it was a Subaru Brat)
* Christmas Caroling with my friends every December
* getting ice cream from the Ding Dong Cart
* walking home from school with my friends, hanging out at the corner of Roosevelt and Plumtree and talking forever
* long lunches with friends at BC at the Eagle's Nest...sometimes lunch would last until dinner
* my bedroom on Plumtree Road, where I'd listen to records and tapes and write in my notebooks
* Johnson's Bookstore where I loved to buy notebooks and pens
* A Likely Story-the coolest children's bookstore ever! * swimming at the Paddle Club
* visits to Vermont to see family
* family beach trips to Kennebunkport, ME and Myrtle Beach, SC

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  1. I miss many of the same things. Life was so much simpler back when we were kids, wasn't it? Good times!

  2. What a sweet list. Ever the realistic optimist, it made me want to write a list of what I can look forward to....

  3. Well thank you for allowing me to reminisce along side with you! I miss some of the same things and even captured some more nostalgia from my past along the way.

  4. Each one of these could be a slice of its own. It is amazing how memories can take us back in time. I had to laugh at listening to records and tapes. One of my students bought a walkman on Ebay and he thought it was just the coolest thing...until we found out he was taping our classes!

  5. I miss some of the same things. I don't miss the mall...I've never been much of a shopper. It looks like you have generated some ideas for later this month, though.

  6. It's a fun way to write a slice, Michelle, and each one of those could be a story too. A long time ago my husband and I gave caroling parties each year. They were such fun. We would have lots of food ready, but when everyone arrived, we'd bundle up again and walk the neighborhood caroling, then back to party. You've reminded me of that good time.

  7. I usually make lists to get things done but reading this made me think about different reasons to make lists. What a fun way to slice! Thanks for sharing and inspiring 😀

  8. If you are really missing snow and snow days, you need to move to northeast Iowa. We are getting more this weekend!

  9. What a fun way to remember when ... I love the name of that book store -- A Likely Story! I put notes in my girls' lunches too. I hope they appreciate it when they are older. Thanks for letting me stroll down memory lane with you!


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