Tuesday, March 7, 2017

I Can't Keep Quiet

I'm not sure that I'll post this. I'm frustrated. That's not a good frame of mind to blog, but here I am. We struggle to communicate. It's more important than ever to communicate effectively. We are quick to blame and call names. It's tiring. I include myself in this struggle, but I'm working on it.
I am passionate about my ideas. I work hard to listen and I don't name call. When I mess up, I apologize and take responsibility. I reflect on my choices and always think before responding. There are days when it feels like no one else is willing to do this.

Everyone has a story. I try to live by this idea and remind myself of this when I interact with others. I work on showing grace to others, but there are moments when it all becomes too much. ENOUGH! This is where I am right now...ENOUGH...I'm disheartened by the cruelty and anger and selfishness I witness. I'm failing at showing grace and I want to understand why. Why choose snark over silence? Why choose accusations over sincere questions? Why choose anger over kindness? I don't understand.

We have to change this pattern. We can't keep quiet. I don't want to be quiet. It's our right to speak up and be heard. We need to do so with respect for all. I admire this musician for telling her story and her refusal to be quiet...

Kid President says that we need to pause, breathe, and love. I'm working on it. I hope the love spreads. I hope kindness is contagious. I hope we can remember that everyone has a story and I believe everyone is doing the best they can. Here's Kid President's advice on how to disagree...

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  1. I feel your frustration...I'm sorry this is happening to you, but I'm glad you are taking the high road. Thanks for sharing that beautiful song!!

  2. Who knows why the world turns towards anger and disappointment, and why it is so difficult to make the turn towards kindness sometimes. Listening to the song right now ... thanks for sharing that. It was an act of kindness.

  3. My heart was pounding as I read this piece - I think it applies to everyone. Who hasn't felt this way before? I am glad you hit "post." You needed to tell your story and you left us uplifted. Keeping quiet does not always pay off.

  4. I'm guessing you were at a staff meeting recently....Oh friend, sending hugs. <3

  5. I admire your boldness. While I am saddened by the same things as you, I am not always quick to speak up, or even speak up. It's part of my timid personality. Thank you for sharing. The videos are perfect.

  6. Oh, I so get your frustration, especially after reading that it stemmed from online conversations. It's one of the reasons I go "dark" on FB during Lent. Write it down and get it out there; your post was necessary!

  7. Online conversations, comments, tweets,... People forget the heart of the person they are talking to (or about) and say too much. It's the downfall of social media.

    You spread love and kindness.

  8. I agree, Michelle, am sorry that you've been deliberately attacked. People seem to have permission online to say things I think they'd never say face to face. Hugs to you. I've never read an unkind thing from you. And thanks for the videos, too.

  9. I hear you... So hard to keep it together when you are sitting across the table from good friends and they are satisfied, believing that Trump has pivoted with just the ability to read a speech that he probably didn't write.
    Life is tough. Good thing we write, don't you think?

  10. What amazing voices -- yours and the the choir and singer.

    Speak up.
    Speak out.
    Shout it out.
    Say what must be said.
    Hear the justice rising?

    Live the words you most believe.
    There's no need to keep quiet.

    Do all the above with love.

    (Thanks I needed to be reminded).

  11. I wanted to write when I first read this in the early morning....yes it is hard to not talk about some of the very scary aspects of our society, schools and country...
    I'm choosing - every day - to be kind and to be honest and respectful of diverse opinions..even when it is hard. I'm doing a pretty good job of most of the time....but sometimes I have to just overlook Facebook and Twitter opinions....It's too easy to write when you don't have to face the person....So tonight, I offer you the Kindness Project..check it out...You inspire and challenge my thinking and encourage my professional growth all the time....I really mean that....and on that ...I'm NOT going to be quiet!

  12. Yes, you are right, we can't keep quiet. But when people don't agree with how someone else thinks or believes or feels and risk being ridiculed because of the differences, it sure makes it easier to keep quiet. Many people have the idea that their opinion or viewpoint is the ONLY one that is right. So many people out there need to learn how to disagree, just as Kid President says.

  13. So glad you blogged - getting it all on the page is helpful. Let's the processing happen

  14. This Kid President is one of my favorites. I read your passion and concern in this piece. I hope writing these thoughts down helped you process - such good advice, everyone does have a story.


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