Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Ten Years in the Blink of an Eye

Ten years since we've talked.
Ten years since I got a hug from you.
Ten years since we went for ice cream.
Ten years since we saw each other.
Ten years since we talked and talked and talked.
Ten years since I've gotten advice from you.

Ten years since I've heard your laugh.
Ten years since we fought over who gets the last cucumber.
Ten years since I heard you say, "I love you!"

But, you are with me every day.
You are there when I succeed.
You are there when I fail.
You are there when I walk my dog.
You are there when I sing along to the radio.
You are there when I'm comforting a struggling student.
You are there when I'm writing and writing and writing.

You are there 
in the tears,
in the laughter,
in the confusion,
in the joy,
in the fear,
in the wonder,
in the sorrow
in the love...
you are there.

I miss you.
Recently, a friend shared these words of comfort, 
"I realized the beauty of missing someone is the
reality that you had someone special to love." 


That's you...someone special to love.
You loved!
I love you, Dad!

I carry you with me 
every day, but a 
little closer today...
the day I lost you,
ten years ago. 

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  1. A beautiful tribute to someone so special. Thinking of you and how your words inspire to hug and hold those around me today. We never know when someone special might leave us...

  2. What a lovely way to remember your dad ... poetry brings us right into the heart of memory

  3. So beautiful, Michelle! Your poem let me know more about your dad and his personality. I love how he is with you in all you do- I feel that way, too about people I have loved immensely who are gone now. When I am having a hard time, I remind myself whose granddaughter I am, and I stand a bit taller.

  4. This is a beautiful tribute to your dad. I see so much of you in him. Not only in his appearance, but also in your spirit. This is love.

  5. Tears, Michelle... what a gorgeous tribute to a special man. I can simply see it in his face, such warmth, wisdom, and love. I especially appreciate the stanza you bookended with, "you are there" - the words and cadence are beautifully in step. It's obvious you've been blessed by a beautiful dad.

  6. Lovely words that I am sure your dad would be proud of! I have always loved that picture of you and your dad dancing. Happy writing!

  7. What a beautiful poem that definitely hit home for me. March 3rd will be the 11th anniversary of the loss of my dad. I'm pretty sure my slice will be about him that day. You've inspired me to maybe try a poem!

  8. So much love Michelle. So lucky to have had such a dad. Tears.

  9. A beautiful poem! Special memories. Thanks for sharing the love you have for your dad. Keep those memories close to your heart.

  10. I love your pictures, Michelle, and these loving words. Our parents stay forever in our hearts, I know. Your dad looks like a happy soul, and you carry on that part of him, too, among much more I'm sure.

  11. Beautiful, beautiful tribute. Your words are filled with deep love.

  12. Love these pics of you and your dad. Such joy in every one of them, but especially in that next to last pic. Such twinkling and love in his eyes, he must have been looking at you.

  13. This is a BEAUTIFUL tribute to your dad...and your bond, and your respect, and your admiration......and your love. I was thinking about someone I love(d) as I drove home the other day and wanted to call....and so I pretended...or talked hoping they would know my thoughts.....but YOU put your thoughts into a permanent reminder of your love.

  14. Your poem is such a powerful way to celebrate the essence of the relationship you were lucky to have with your father - what a deep and abiding bond you had, and still have.Love like that never leaves.

  15. Your loss translates to beautiful words to be shared with us. Thank you for letting us be privy to your sorrow and your sweet memories!

  16. What a beautiful tribute. I'm very sorry for your loss.

    It is good to be back reading your blog though. Looking forward to the month ahead!

  17. Thanks for sharing such a beautiful tribute.
    So glad you included photos!

  18. I love your entire piece but these are words I want to hold on to.
    "I realized the beauty of missing someone is the
    reality that you had someone special to love."


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