Saturday, July 22, 2017

Creating from Cranky

Yesterday was a cranky day. I felt frustrated and lonely. When I tried to turn things around, something always seemed to go wrong. Days like that frustrate me. Yesterday, I found something that brought me some joy and a little peace. I crafted. I made some word stones. I've made these before, but I wanted to test out new techniques and methods. I used my typewriter and typed up some words. I gathered my supplies and got to work. Soon, the cranky feelings were replaced with wonder and joy. I puzzled my way through making these. It's a slow process because of the drying time. I think the slow helped me. Making gave me permission to redirect my focus from frustration to creation. 

When cranky days appear, I get into this negative headspace that's hard to escape. Writing helps. Walking helps. Listening to music helps. Crying helps. Yesterday, I found a new way to cope...create. Once I began making these stones, I noticed that my breath slowed down, I noticed a smile, and things seemed to calm. This morning I woke up feeling optimistic and when I came downstairs, I saw these stones and smiled. A word stone is a talisman to me.
How did I make them? 

Typewriter and a list of important words/phrases
Clear glass stones at Dollar Store or Michaels
Mod Podge (I use sparkle)
Nail polish (Cheap and sparkly)
Foam brush

1. Use Mod Podge to adhere the word to the bottom of the stone. Let it dry.
2. Use nail polish to cover the bottom of the stone. Let it dry.
3. Use Mod Podge to cover the entire bottom of stone. Let it dry. 

They aren't perfect. It's my first try. They will get better, but I love them. Creating more today. Any word or phrase suggestions for me?!?!

Thank you to Ruth Ayres for providing this space for sharing our celebrations. Please join us and share your own!


  1. Michelle, this is a great activity to bring back sunshine into life. You sparkled my morning with your twinkle stones. Would you consider offering them to my summer gallery, Sunkissed Summer, with some words of inspiration on your first image? I am inspired by them and I am sure others would be too.

  2. I've never thought about creating on my cranky days, but I can see how it might help. As I started reading, I was wondering how to make the stones so I'm glad you included that. Thanks for sharing!

  3. I am excited that you shared the process. It seems possible even for a non-crafty person like me. I would recommend nourish, my OLW for this year. Nourishing yourself by creating is what you did to move from cranky to satisfied. Happy weekend, Michelle!

  4. I am forwarding this to our guidance counselor and art teacher! Love the power of creating and words. I would add, reflective, joy, solitude.
    Embrace who you are and love yourself Michelle! You're an amazing person!

  5. From cranky to crafty. A bit of sparkle to turn the day around. Cheers to you!

  6. Once I immerse myself into something creative, it does help my mood. I love how you turned your day around, and created these wonderful stones! (I love ModgePodge!

  7. I love how you turned to creating. Thanks for sharing the process. I think I'll want to try this too. I have a typewriter at school and I need to work on cleaning it up a bit this summer anyway. I would add words like hope, sunshine, peace, now, more (an Amy Krouse Rosenthal word).

  8. You are so wise, and these are so beautiful. Thank you, Michelle! Is that your pink typewriter?! xx

  9. These are lovely, Michelle - no wonder the making of them chased the crankiness away!

  10. What a great idea- would be fun to use at the start of the school year as we talk about hopes and dreams! Always looking for more "chase cranky away" ideas!

  11. I think you need create and craft. I love how you figured out getting crafty helped your mind shift - creativity heals. Creativity can come in many forms, keep searching for these forms to help your mind. We all have these days and I'm going to remember to create some craft.


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