Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Happy Birthday Month!

My mom turns 71 on August 13th. No one loves her birthday more than my mother! She celebrates the whole month.

Who am I kidding? Mom knows how to celebrate every day. Just this morning, I called her and she's having fun playing with her grandchildren who had a sleepover last night. Mom has a child-like spirit. Maybe that came from her years as a first-grade teacher. I loved visiting her classroom and seeing her read aloud to her students or work with them on their writing. 
Reading with her grandchildren.
Happy Birthday Month, Mom! 

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  1. I love the idea of celebrating all month. Love her spirit!

  2. I love your mom's zest for life... it comes through in your words and images!

  3. Your mom and I share a birthday month. I hope we can meet someday. She seems to have your same joy for living.

  4. Happy Birthday to your Mom, Michelle. She looks like such a joyous person - a person who NEEDS a whole month of celebrations.

  5. Love the pics of your mom and the grands. And a birthday month sounds delightful!

  6. Oh, such sweet birthday wishes. She sounds like a the kind of person people should set out to be!


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