Saturday, August 19, 2017

Small Moments of Celebration

Celebrating small moments today. My first celebration is sleep. I slept. It was a good sleep. The phone woke me at 7:30 and I felt rested. I love when sleep comes like that. If feels good and complete. 

I celebrate Bella. Her joy when she sees me at the end of the day, playing wholeheartedly with her toys, and enjoying her treats. Bella knows how to live. 

I celebrate new relationships. Working together with new people and getting to know them and allowing them to know me. It's been a joy already! We help and support each other. We listen to what we need and we work to provide that. 

I celebrate surprises! Yesterday was busy & stressful. I was at my wit's end and frustrated with some circumstances when a package arrived for me in the mail. It was a sweet surprise from my friend, Dana. The JOY that it brought me!!!! I couldn't believe how thoughtful this gift was and it reminded me to show thoughtfulness like this to others in my life. 

I celebrate books. It's important for me to celebrate them since I have a bazillion and I feel like I've been unpacking them for days and days. Haha! These books are an integral part of our classroom community. We are readers. 
I celebrate the classroom environment. It's vital to me that the environment be safe and comfortable. I want it to be a place where students enjoy coming and where we feel inspired to create and learn and grow. It's getting there. Every day I'm a little closer to the environment that I want to see. 

I celebrate today. 


  1. Your classroom is looking awesome. Are those quotes bordering the board and twinkle lights? I want to be there!

  2. Love all these pics and celebrations. Your library? I want to pick out a book to read, sink into that red chair, and put my feet up! It's so inviting! Have a wonderful beginning. Lucky students to be coming your way soon.

  3. Getting a classroom ready is a huge task. Your classroom looks inviting. The amount of books is impressive. I am sure everyone will find many favorites.

  4. So much to celebrate! Your classroom is so warm and welcoming--no surprise! Your gift from your friend inspired me to consider how I might spread some joy with some small surprises for friends and colleagues. Reading your post was a lovely way to start my Sunday. Thanks!

  5. Your room looks amazing! That bookshelf and space! Lucky students.

  6. Such an engaging sight to see your classroom evolve from open space to this reading corner and collaborative circles! You did a marvelous job, Michelle. I look forward to photos with children in them.

  7. So much to celebrate! I love the library!! and the stings of lights. :0)

  8. So much here to celebrate. I love that books are such a major part of your classroom environment.


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