Friday, October 20, 2017

Why I Write

Today we will celebrate writing in room 734. We are writers. We will create new writing. We will share our writing in new and creative ways. We will celebrate ourselves as writers.

Writing is powerful. Words change the world. Our time together will begin with the story of a writer who changed her world and soon the world beyond her own, Malala. The picture book, Malala and the Magic Pencil, is a perfect read aloud for this day. 

I celebrate writing.
I celebrate our writers. 
I celebrate magic pens and pencils. 

Please come back to see the results from our day of celebration. How will you celebrate today? 

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  1. Michelle, I am always so envious of your passion and positivity. I love to come here to let it rub off on me. The padlet is such a wonderful celebration of reasons to write.


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