Thursday, December 21, 2017

Sixteen Acres Library

I am sitting at a table in a library in my hometown. This branch is named Sixteen Acres Library. What is amazing about this is more than thirty years ago, this was the place of my very first job.

I was a library page. It was a fancy name for someone who shelved books and helped with the summer reading program for kids. I loved that job! It was my first taste of freedom. I rode my bike down Plumtree Road to get here. I spent hours amongst the books. When I got my cart to shelve, I'd disappear for what felt like hours. I'd browse and find as many books as I'd shelve.

Every once in a while, they'd ask me to shelve books in the adult section too. Those shelves were twice as tall and held so many volumes that I'd never even seen. I soaked it all up.

Today, I sit in the place where I cultivated my love of books. I feel like I've come home all over again. 

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