Thursday, March 22, 2018

A Balanced Diet of Social Media

My name is Michelle and I'm addicted to Facebook. The night before last I read a comment on Facebook that was hurtful. It was about me, without my name. It was on a page that has thousands of followers. I felt like the comment was incomplete and misinformed and I wanted to defend myself. Of course, I know better than that, so I logged off. Within ten minutes, I was back and stalking that thread again. It felt like I couldn't stop and I knew I was on the way down a bad spiral, so I stopped.

I logged off of Facebook for twenty-four hours. I removed the app from my phone. And I reflected on this power this platform has over me. 

There are so many benefits to these social media platforms! I've connected with people and learned from them. I am able to "chat" with others from the comfort of my own home. My world is simultaneously bigger and smaller. I've met people from around the world. I also get to see pictures of my family from far away. In these ways, it's a gift.Twitter, Facebook, and even Instagram all add things to my life. Yesterday I noticed what they take away too.

Times of silence and uncertainty...those times have almost disappeared. That's when I reflect and grow and struggle through things. I use these platforms to escape feelings of unease...and sometimes just to escape completely. I want to change that. Sitting in silence and battling with these feelings is something I don't want to lose. In fact, those moments make me stronger. 

This is not a post to lament about the world today and the evils of social media. NO! It is a post to remind myself to be thoughtful in my consumption of these sites. What's nice is that I barely missed Facebook yesterday on my snow day. I was more productive and more active. Maybe I'm not as addicted as I thought...maybe I've developed a habit. It's a habit that needs to change. 

Here's to developing new habits...
Here's to my friends who really know me...
Here's to a balanced, or more balanced, life...

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  1. First, it stuns me that someone would be hurtful to you-such a reminder that people are often uninformed and don't realize the power of their words. Second, I love that you contemplate what is in YOUR control and focus on your own self care...THAT is empowering. Here's to your new habits, good friends, and balance!

  2. I agree with Paula, focusing on what you can control is empowering and a healthy way to deal with this terrible thing that happened. It is taking the high road. "When they go low, we go high"

  3. I am sorry you had this experience.
    Digital distraction is a very serious problem. With often think it so for kids, but I recently heard that is as bad for adults. Learning digital self-care is very important. You are aware and already take action.

  4. This is a really tough part of social media for ALL of us (kids, parents, teachers, old people...). I love how FB has allowed me glimpses into lives of those I do not see every day. I hate that some have to brag about what is not real or put down others in order to make themselves look better. You are amazing and real and honest....carry on....

  5. I am also sorry about the hurtful words. I removed all social media from my phone last year and was surprised by how little I miss it and how much more present I am in my life without it. It's so challenging to figure out that balance of being engaged and learning (and having fun) with our online lives and then being present in our physical lives.

  6. I'm so sorry you had the painful part of this experience, but like others, I admire how you moved to react in a positive and thoughtful way. I always find inspiration in what you write.

  7. I just wrote in my notebook about my FB addiction. I've been working on a little more balance too. I've been writing my responses in my notebook instead of on FB. I get my say and there is no blow back.

  8. I'm so sorry that happened to you. You are so gracious. I'm sure we've all been on the social media balance journey. It's so important to find what is right for you. Blessings on the journey...


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