Friday, March 16, 2018

Dancing and Falling Boxes

Yesterday was a weird day. The energy level indicates spring break is around the corner. The increase in chattiness and silliness is noticeable. We were working hard on creating claims in our literary essay unit and we saw a green rope hanging outside the window. Strange. Suddenly two boxes were being pulled up to the roof. (We are on the second floor.)

We got back to work and got our work accomplished. The day before, I'd asked for song requests from my students, "What song makes you happy?" The answers are as varied as the students. Here's our playlist-it's a work in progress. Spending the last few minutes of class dancing around to our favorite tunes made the craziness bearable.

If you are a teacher, I don't have to tell you how precarious attention can be and when boxes are mysteriously floating by a second story's impossible! Here's a video I caught of the empty boxes falling back to the ground. Luckily, this was planning time for me.

Here's hoping Friday is calmer...

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  1. The image of the boxes being hauled up is clear and hysterical! I can just imagine the distraction for the kids. I love that you turned it into a dance party. What a fun, happy slice! Thanks for sharing!

  2. I find your video calming. Looking and thinking about the word CREATE and then a box falls. A box?! Then more staring out the window, the clouds brightening at the horizon, the word CREATE nudging you and then a box falls. A box?! Thanks for sharing. Have a great Friday!!

  3. I vote for more dancing in the classroom and occasional boxes flying to make curious people happy.

  4. Boxes going up and down outside your window is just too funny. The dancing at the end of class-- great idea. Definitely ends the session with a lot of student engagement. :)


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